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Yacht charters and sales

If you are interested in chartering or buying a yacht, please email Your email will be forwarded to a selected recommended broker.

Photo sales

All photos on this site are available for sale (licensing). Not "en masse" to another website though.

My photos, and those of guest photographers, have been published in a wide range of top-quality international titles.

Photo editors and researchers find working with me is very easy and quick. I have often been able to supply crucial photos within hours of a request, in time for publication. Though, of course, I appreciate as much advance warning as possible.

Use the search box on the left, or the Alphabetical Index (which is usually a month or two out of date), to see if the yacht you are looking for is featured on this site.

Contact me at for details or make me an offer with a specific request. Full contact details will be sent to any genuine request. We can't send out photos for free, though, unfortunately !

Resolution quality has increased greatly since we started in 2005. Here's a 20 megapixel sample photo taken in August 2008 (4 Mb - reduced file size for web).

We have many excellent photos which we don't have time to post on this site, so if you're an editor looking for something in particular, just ask.

We also have special prices for digital copies for printing at home or at your local print shop.

Customer testimonials

This is what a few happy customers had to say:

“These are wonderful” - Photo editor for one of the world’s top international style magazines.

“Great images…” - Photo editor for one of the world’s leading publishers of yacht magazines and books.

“Nothing short of extraordinary!” - Journalist, European newspaper.

“I got the canvas print 80 x 150 cm today and it is magnificent, the detail is incredible! Thank you for the perfect service. Regards, Philippe.”

“Many, many thanks for the photo. My friends at (...) printed it full size (1 metre wide), and mounted it on foam board. The image printed out spectacularly, and I plan to take it to a local frame shop this week and have it suitably framed for my office. Best wishes, William.”

Submit a photo

Original photos are welcome. Instructions here


Most photos on this site are taken by myself. An increasing number of photos are sent in by guest photographers.
I hold the copyright to all my photos on this site. Guest photographers are always attributed and hold full copyright for their own photos.

All photos are protected by copyright. No photo may be used without explicit permission.


Although I strive for perfection, inevitably mistakes creep in.

That's why if you find a mistake please either leave a comment or email me with a correction. I am always very grateful for feedback of this kind as I really don't like the idea of having a page containing mistakes just sitting there.

So apologies in advance for errors in yacht descriptions. If a mistake is pointed out I'll try to correct it.


Monacoeye is not responsible for any comments made by individuals in a comments window. Their opinions are entirely their own. I do have the ability to edit comments, however, and will remove any comment on request.

Feel free to paste links to your website or business in any comments window.


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About this sIte

This site started in late 2005 as a personal site for yacht photography. It soon grew to such an extent that it now features photos of most megayachts in the world. It has had millions of page views and sells photos to the yacht industry and top quality publications around the world. It is visited by anyone interested in yachts, including builders, designers, engineers, brokers, yacht owners, crew, journalists and, of course, yachtspotters, photographers and enthusiasts.

But it is still really just a personal site. I enjoy sharing my photos and those sent in by yacht photographers around the world. I like reading the comments left by visitors to the site. It's a lot of work and a lot of fun - I hope to keep building the site with the help of photographers and spotters around the world.