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Yacht name: Godspeed
Formerly: Seaquest -> Freedom
Length: 130 ft • 40 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Westport • # 1512
Architect: Bill Garden
Design: Greg Marshall

The 130-foot Westport Godspeed was consumed by fire in the south of Italy earlier this month. Thanks to Martin for the link.

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Monaco Yacht Show 2010

Monaco Yacht Show 2010
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Monday: Port Hercule is starting to fill up with yachts for the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show, which runs from 22-25 September.

Check out a preview of many of the yachts here.

Saturday: Large photos start here - many more to come…

Monaco Yacht Show night


The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show ended on a tragic note, as a 28-year-old British sailor from Perini Navi superyacht Burrasca, fell overboard from his RIB tender after colliding at speed with 31-metre sailing yacht Fado, which was at anchor off the Sporting d’Eté in Monaco.

The accident happened at about 10.30 pm on Saturday night, a few hours after the show had ended, as many yachts had already started to leave.

After an intensive search, divers had been unable to find him by Sunday night. Read More...

Lady Christine Helicopter Crash

Lady Christine crash photo
Helicopter crash Maine
Lady Christine Helicopter Crash
Helicopter on board Lady Christine
Helicopter on board Lady Christine
Lady Christine leaves the Monaco Yacht Show September 2008

Helicopter tender to Lady Christine

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • September 2008
Tow photo: US Coast Guard • Maine • 1 August 2009
On land: Mary Offutt • Little Deer Isle, Maine • 3 August 2009

Update - 4 August 2009: Mary has just sent in photos of the wreck of the helicopter, taken yesterday. You get a good view of the sturdy inflatable buoys which kept the craft from sinking and allowed the helicopter to be towed so easily.

The main rotor is unseated and the rotor blades and engine casing are very beaten up, the pilot's door is missing, but the cabin of the helicopter looks remarkably unscathed.

Those are lobster pots in the background, in case you were wondering…

According to press reports, Scottish peer Lord Irvine Laidlaw, 66, who owns Lady Christine, was at the controls of the helicopter when it crashed. He was picking up passengers and returning to the yacht.

Breaking news - 2 Aug 2009: Lady Christine's helicopter tender, the one pictured above with personalised registration M-Boat, has crashed in the water in Maine, USA, yesterday afternoon, 1st August 2009.

The accident happened near Little Deer Isle in Penobscot Bay, Maine. The helicopter took off with four people on board, including owner Lord Laidlaw at the controls, from Lady Christine, which was anchored at sea. The four got out safely after the crash and waded ashore to the island. One eye-witness said that after seeing the helicopter spin down fast into the water she was amazed that anyone got out alive.

A spinning helicopter is often a sign of a rear rotor malfunction.

A small boat was sent out from the Lady Christine to collect the four passengers and return them to the yacht.

Fortunately, no-one appears to be seriously hurt. One person was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for a neck injury, but the injury was not considered serious.

"Salty Hebrew" left this eye-witness report on below:

"I am a watchstander on the Training Ship State of Maine. Lady Christine pulled into Castine Harbor in Maine today. I watched her Heli tender take off as I was monitoring VHF Marine CH 16. 10 minutes after her takeoff, I witnessed a call to the USCG reporting that the heli tender went down in the water of a cove near Little Deer Isle, Christine is now missing her Heli =( as of Aug. 1st, 2009. "

The helicopter has now been towed to shore by the coastguard and the Environmental Protection Department are looking into containment methods for any resultant pollution that may exist. Photo here. About 30 gallons of fuel were on board when it crash-landed.

If you live nearby and have photos please send to and I'll post them on this page.

Lady Christine

Lady Christine

Lady Christine
Lady Christine yacht
Lady Christine leaving the Show

Yacht name: Lady Christine
Length: 182 ft • 56 m
Year: 2001
Builder: Oceanco • Y561
Architect: The A Group

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • September 2008

2010: New 68m Lady Christine launched from Feadship
August 2009: Lady Christine's helicopter crash landed in water in Maine. No serious injuries.
September 2008: Lady Christine has arrived for the show.

Lady Christine helicopter


Pari on the rocks
The yacht pari runas agound by Carlie Chpalin's villa

Yacht name: Pari
Length: 130 ft • 39 m
Year: 1989
Builder: Alucraft • Dell'Argentario
Design: Vicenzo Ruggiero • Refit: Espen Øino

Photos: monacoeye • St Jean Cap Ferrat • 2 June 2008

20 June 2009: Activity around Pari. A containment barrier has been placed around her and hull inspections appear to be taking place.

2 June 2009: Pari ran aground off St Jean Cap Ferrat, on Saturday 30th May, dragged on to the rocks at anchor by heavy winds during the night. Attempts to refloat her have been halted until an inspection of her hull has been undertaken. No one was reported injured.

As can be seen from the photos above, she has now been tethered to the rocks with some floatation devices at her bow and stern - or perhaps those are fuel containment barriers? No fuel was visible in the surrounding area.

The magnificent villa La Fleur Du Cap, that overlooks the waterfront, used to belong to Charlie Chaplin, then was owned by David Niven until his death in 1983.

Below, Pari last year in Cannes, in better times.


When Lightning Strikes !

What are the chances of being hit by lightning when out sailing in your boat? What would the effects be? What can you do to protect yourself?

If you are a sailor and haven't considered these questions, maybe you should hop over to and read the illuminating first-hand account of what it feels like to be hit by lightning when out in your boat.

Three things you may not know about lightning (from the article):

• Lightning strikes in fresh water are far more damaging than strikes at sea because fresh water is not a good conductor.

• When lightning threatens, protect electrical gadgets like VHF, radar, camera and computer by placing them in the oven, which acts as a Faraday cage.

• Of the 5000 boats insured by Pantaenius in 2003, 300 made a major claim in one year …

Read the whole article here. If you've been hit by lightning I'd love to hear your stories, or send photos to …

Yacht Fire - Port Vell Barcelona

Burnt shells of yachts on the quayside in Port Vell
Barcelona Port Vell Fire

Photo: Ricardo Pilguy • Port Vell, Barcelona • July 2008
Photo: Katja Juvonen • Port Vell, Barcelona • July 2008

Update July 2008: The top shot shows the burned shells of XTC and Drumfire, seen from the air, by Ricardo.

2 March 2008: This video and photo, taken in Port Vell, Barcelona, Saturday, by local resident Katja Juvonen, caught the drama of a raging fire as it tore through four 20+ metre yachts.

All four yachts sank with a fifth sailing yacht badly damaged - you can see the mast topple in the video. 6 people were on board but unharmed. Katja says the fire team seemed slow to respond, which may have allowed the fire to take hold.

The fire chief was reported in the press as saying that the job of extinguishing the fire had been complicated by the water-repellent nature of the yachts themselves - which may have been scuttled, as a last resort.

This La Vanguardia video shows a general view of the port with many yachts nearby. More links in comments.

Nuclear Leak Vaucluse

At this time of year hundreds of thousands of Brits, and other nationalities, will be heading for the popular Provence area of France for their summer holidays.

On Monday, 7th July 2008, 74 kg of untreated uranium leaked out of the Tricastin nuclear waste treatment centre, run by Socatri, in Bollene, in the Vaucluse region. It spread into the ground and surrounding water system, according to press releases by parent company Areva.

Swimming, water sports and crop irrigation have been officially banned. The uranium has been detected in the local rivers. Local residents have been instructed not to drink water or eat fish from nearby rivers.

According to reports, the spill occurred when uranium overflowed into a spill tank, but the spill tank had a leak because repair work was being carried out on it.

Abnormal levels of radiation have been detected in several rivers and lakes. The 74 kg of uranium was in the form of 6.26 cubic metres (or 30 cubic metres in an early Areva press release) of liquid containing 12 grammes of uranium per litre.

Internet coverage of the incident seems sketchy at best - although the story is getting a lot of play on local radio. Most French articles seem to stress the fact that radiation levels are dropping rapidly.

The French authorities have now ordered the temporary closure of the Tricastin facility.

The best article I have found is this Yahoo report. Here is the ASN report from the 11th of July (in French), which says very little, other than they have classed the incident as Level 1 (of 7) - the least serious level. Here's a map of the facility, the map, the Vaucluse local government site, with their drinking and bathing advice (in French), and the official Areva press releases.

If you are in the area, we would be interested to hear if and how you have been affected, in the comments below.