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Hermitage yacht
Copyright: NT/monacoeye • Aug 2011 • Monaco • Do not copy without permission.

Yacht name: Hermitage
Length: 224 ft • 68 m
Year: 2011
Builder: Lürssen • # 13667
Naval architect: Lürssen
Exterior design: Espen Øino
Interior design: Andrew Winch

The recently-launched Hermitage, from Lürssen…

St Ekaterina

Xanadu yacht
Xanadu yacht

Yacht name: Xanadu -> St Ekaterina
Length: 197 ft • 60 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Benetti • # FB 239
Design: Andrew Winch Designs

Photos: Robert Paylor • St Barths • Feb 2009
Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • September 2009

Oct 2008: Xanadu, the Andrew Winch designed Benetti, visited Monaco last week.
Feb 2009: New shots of Xanadu's first cruise to St Barths


Copyright: monacoeye • September 2010 • Monaco • Do not copy without permission.

Yacht name: Hetairos
Length: 141 ft • 43 m
Year: 1993
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
Naval architect: Bruce King
Interior: Andrew Winch

Hetairos at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9
Copyright: monacoeye • 2010 Monaco Yacht Show • Do not copy without permission.

Yacht name: Cloud 9
Length: 197 ft • 60 m
Year: 2009
Builder: CMN • # 802
Design: Andrew Winch Designs

Cloud 9 arriving for the show…

Cracker Bay

Cracker Bay
Copyright: WAM/monacoeye • Bay Harbor, August 2010 • Do not copy without permission

Yacht name: Cracker Bay
Formerly: Campbell Bay
Length: 147 ft • 45 m
Year: 2002
Builder: Hakvoort
Architect: Diana Yacht Design
Interior: Andrew Winch Design

Cracker Bay spotted in the Bay Harbor Resort in Michigan by William. Read More...

Phoenix 2

Phoenix 2 yacht
Copyright: TD/monacoeye • Kiel 2010 • Do not copy without permission

Yacht Name: Phoenix 2
Length: 286 ft • 87 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Lürssen • # 13659
Design: Andrew Winch Designs

Phoenix 2 was launched in April 2010, and is currently in Isle of Man.

Many thanks to Thomas for sending in these nice photos of Phoenix 2, taken in the Nordostseekanal in Kiel a week ago.

In addition to the eye-catching, sleek, arrowhead design, there is a nice little touch of an eagle figurehead on the prow. As far I know this is a first for a modern yacht (correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below). Read More...


Lurssen Phoenix

Yacht name: Phoenix -> Aurora
Length: 200 ft • 61 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Lürssen • # 13626
Design: Andrew Winch

Photo: monacoeye • 25 July 2007 • Monaco • new photos

Now Aurora …

Check out the new Phoenix 2 here.


CMN Slipstream yacht

Yacht name: Slipstream
Length: 197 ft • 60 m
Year: 2009
Builder: CMN • # 801
Design: Andrew Winch

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • August 2009

23 August 2009: And here is Slipsteam slipping past the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco today.

To those of you tuned in to TMS, Ponting's just been run out out by Freddie Flintoff … And immediately after Clarke went too! With 6 wickets to go, now, there'll be a few Aussie crew out there having a bit of an uncomfortable weekend, I should imagine!

Launched March 2009, Slipstream is the biggest superyacht from Cherbourg-based CMN to date. Custom Line 60 sistership Cloud 9 has now also been launched and a third sistership is under construction.



Yacht name: Unfurled
Length: 112 ft • 34 m
Year: 2000
Builder: Royal Huisman • # 372
Architect: German Frers
Interior: Andrew Winch

Photo: Robert Paylor • St Barths Bucket 2009


Dubai from Platinum Yachts
Dubai yacht
Dubai - the largest yacht in the world
Dubai yacht Sheikh Maktoum
Dubai Platinum Project

Yacht name: Dubai
Project name: Project Platinum • Golden Star
Length: 531 ft • 162 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Platinum Yachts - Hull: Blohm & Voss
Stylist: Andrew Winch
Engines: 4 x 9625 hp
Owner: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum • Crown Prince of Dubai

1. Angela Culveyhouse • Jebel Ali • Dubai • March 2007
2. KT • Port Rashid • Dubai • 6 January 2008
Stelios Dritsas • Jebel Ali • Dubai • October 2006
4. 5.
David Nichols • Jebel Ali • Dubai • March 2006
(+ top photo courtesy of Platinum Yachts)

Two new views of Sheikh Mo's yacht Dubai, still the largest yacht in the world. 1 & 2.

Angela has sent in a very nice set of Dubai aerial shots, taken over Jebel Ali, in a helicopter leaving the Burj Al-Arab. Great photos !

A 40m catamaran under construction is visible behind, with a 114m yacht in the shed, and another smaller vessel behind that.

KT reports that an artificial island, where the yacht will be moored, has been built 20 miles from Dubai and is nearing completion.

Dubai was delivered to its owners in 2006.

Al Mirqab

Al Mirqab in Monaco at night
Al Mirqab arrives in Monte Carlo
Al Mirqab Norway
Al Mirqab sea trials
Al Mirqab yacht

Yacht name: Al Mirqab
Length: 436 ft • 133 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Peters Schiffbau • # 681
Architect: Kusch Yachts
Stylist: Tim Heywood
Interior: Andrew Winch

Photo monacoeye • Monaco • 18 August 2008
Photo Mark Wotherspoon • Kristiansand, Norway • 18 July 2008
Photos Jannick Bruhns • Wewelsfleth • April - June 2008
Photo Werner Fähland • Heligoland • May 2008

18 August 2008: Al Mirqab pulls in to Port Hercule… Here's a high res photo

20 July 2008: Another super shot of Al Mirqab, this time in Kristiansand in Norway, sent in by Mark. We are very impressed by the Nokia N95 5 megapixel image quality!

16 June 2008: Nice new photo of Al Mirqab from Werner in the Heligoland.

27 April 2008: nice new photos of Al Mirqab from PB.

The new Al Mirqab, formerly known as Project May, was launched at the Wewelsfleth yard in April. It's one of the largest yachts ever built. Seems to borrow much of the exterior styling from Carinthia VII.

Al Mirqab Helgoland

Faribana V

Faribana V
Faribana V

Yacht name: Faribana V (2008)
Formerly: Sarafsa
Length: 179 ft • 55 m
Year: 1998
Builder: Amels • # 431
Stylist: Andrew Winch

Photo: NT • Monaco • August 2008
Photos monacoeye • Monaco

July 2008: Faribana V now has a black hull (top photo)

2008: Amels 1998 55 m Sarafsa has been sold and renamed Faribana V. She has been replaced with the recently launched 82 m Devonport Sarafsa.
MYS 2007: Surprise entrant. The beautifully teak-sterned, maroon-hulled Sarafsa took up a central position on the T yesterday.

Netanya 8

Netanya 8
Netanya 8
Netanya 8 yacht
Netanya 8

Yacht name: Netanya 8
Length: 190 ft • 58 m
Year: 2007
Builder: CMN
Stylist: Andrew Winch

Photo: NT • Monaco • 23 June - August 2008
Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • June - August 2008

June 2008: NT just sent in this beautifully crisp (top) shot of Netanya 8
August 2007: … French built, Andrew Winch designed, Netanya 8 arrives in Port Hercule…


Devonport Project 54

Yacht name: Sarafsa
Length: 269 ft • 82 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Devonport Yachts • # 54
Design: Andrew Winch

Photo Peter Powell • Polperro, Cornwall • 8 May 2008
Photo Tom Walker • Plymouth Sound • 4 May 2008
Photo monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show 2006

8 May Update: Peter has sent in some very nice photos (top) of Sarafsa's sea trials, further along the coast off Looe & Polperro…
5 May Update: Tom has just sent in this rare glimpse of Sarafsa on sea trials in Plymouth Sound on Sunday!

Project 54 has been launched with the name Sarafsa. The old Amels Sarafsa has been sold and renamed Faribana V.

Video below from Mike:

From previous comments, Sarafsa is owned by Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud, of Saudi Arabia, and named after his only daughter Sara Fahed Sultan Al Saud (Sara F S A).


Tenacious sailing yacht

Yacht name: Tenacious
Formerly: Teel
Length: 115 ft • 35 m
Year: 1995
Builder: Trident
Architect: Fontaine Design
Stylist: Andrew Winch

Photo: Robert Paylor • 25 - 30 March 2008 • St Barths Bucket


Netanya 7
Netanya 7

Yacht name: Mimtee -> Mim
Formerly: Bermie -> Netanya 7
Length: 161 ft • 49 m
Year: 2001
Builder: CMN - Hull: Oceanco
Design: The A Group • Andrew Winch

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • August 2007

Netanya 7 and Netanya 8 together… Netanya 7 will be at this year's Monaco Yacht Show.

This yacht is called Mim now (2010).


Gu yacht Amels

Yacht name: Gu
Formerly: Tyndareo
Length: 190 ft • 58 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Amels • # 447
Interior: Andrew Winch

Photo: Monaco • 26 July 2006 - 12 September


Yacht name: Surama
Length: 133 ft 5 • 40.7 m
Launch: 1997
Builder: Royal Huisman
Architect: Ted Hood
Interior: Andrew Winch



Yacht name: Samax
Formerly: Tits
Length: 180 ft • 55 m
Year: 1996
Builder: Feadship • Van Lent • #775
Interior: Andrew Winch
Original owner: Prince Jeffry of Brunei

Photo: monacoeye • 2005