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DP Monitor

DP Monitor
© FP / - Italy

Yacht name: D.P. Monitor
Length: 94 ft • 29 m
Year: 1953
Builder: Benetti

Thanks to Francesco Porcaro for sending in shots of his own converted tug. Originally built by Fratelli Benetti in 1953, he says it was the first ever tug conversion in Italy. Looks like a nice job.


Olivia yacht
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Yacht name: Olivia
Formerly: Valerian Albanov -> Arctic Fantasy -> Galapagos -> Delta Bravo
Length: 230 ft • 70 m
Year: 1972
Builder: OY Laivateollisuus
Naval architect: OY Laivateollisuus
Exterior design: Rouvia Road Yacht Design & Construction

Olivia recently joined the superyacht circuit. Originally built as a Russian hydrographic vessel, she was refitted from 2008 to 2010 by Rouvia Road Yacht Design. Read More...

Mystere Shadow

Mystere Shadow
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Yacht name: Mystere Shadow
Formerly: Sabine Seahorse
Length: 163 ft • 50 m
Year: 1981
Builder: Candies Shipbuilders • Houma
Architect: Candies, Kirilloff and Associates
Conversion: Shadow Marine

Although the name was not fully visible behind all the toys, this looks like Mystere Shadow with a smart new paint job, including custom design on the garage door. Read More...


Dubawi - sea trials

Yacht name: Dubawi
Formerly: Renaissance I -> The Mercury -> Leisure World
Length: 297 ft • 91 m
Gross Tonnage (Volume): 4200 GT
Year: 1989 • Conversion: 2009
Builder: Cantiere Navale Ferrari
Conversion Architect & Design: Platinum Yachts
Crew accommodation: 71 including captain
Passenger accommodation: 2 Owner suites, 8 VIP suites, 12 guest cabins

Photos courtesy of Platinum Yachts.

Dubawi, was converted by Platinum Yachts, from a mini cruise ship, originally named Renaissance I. Work started in 2007 and she was relaunched earlier this year as a luxury yacht. Now registered in the UAE.

Above are some photos of her relaunch and first sea trials.

Easy Cruise One and Clelia II, which were previously based in Monaco, were both "Renaissance" sister ships, II and IV respectively. (Thanks also Andy Lindy et al via PMY)

Platinum Yachts have another cruise ship from the Renaissance series in stock, with plans ready for a similar fast conversion to a high volume luxury yacht. Read More...

Dubai Shadow

Ship name: Dubai Shadow
Formerly: Umitaka Maru -> Australis Mentor
Length: 259 ft • 79 m
Year: 1973
Builder: Mitsubishi

Harmony II

Harmony II

Yacht name: Harmony II
Formerly: Osijek -> Mostar -> Meltemi II -> Apollon I -> Prince Albert
Length: 189 ft • 58 m
Year: 1957 • Refit: 2007 - Ipswich
Builder: Jadranska Linjska Plovidba • Split - Croatia

Photo: NT • Monaco • September 2008

Harmony II started life in Split as a passenger and cargo ferry. In the eighties she did service as a conference facility in the UK. In 2002 her 5 year refit by Alan and Martin Pedley commenced. Last year she was relaunched as the yacht Harmony II. Thanks to Ken for the ID.



Yacht name: Dionea
Length: 169 ft • 51 m
Built: 1962 as liner • Refit: 2002
Builder: Felszegi

Photo: NT • 2008 • Monaco
Photo: monacoeye • 2005 • Monaco


Titan iate
Titan yacht

Yacht name: Titan
Formerly: HMS Beagle
Length: 197 ft • 60 m
Year: 1967 • Refit: 2004
Builder: Brooke Marine
Refit design: Bjorn Johansson

Photo: Andreu • Palma • 2008
Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 2006

Plan B

Plan B yacht

Yacht name: Plan B
Formerly: Flinders
Length: 164 ft • 50 m
Year: 1972 • refit: 2004 & 2006
Builder: Williamstown
Refit: Marine Industrial Design & TBW Design

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • June 2008

August 2007: This 50m conversion from an Australian hydrographic vessel, has recently been re-refitted in Jacksonville for a three year global cruise. Additions include Quantum Zerospeed stabilisers.

Pilar Rossi

Pilar Rossi
Pilar Rossi - Nelson Piquet's Yacht Conversion
Pilar Rossi

Yacht name: Pilar Rossi
Length: 211 ft • 64 m
Year: 1989 • Refit: 2007
Builder: Alucraft
Refit: Mauricio Piquet • Inace
Rig: Formula Yacht Spars

Photo: HMB • Caribbean • 2007
Photo: Robert Paylor • St Barths • February 2008

Formula One racing legend Nelson Piquet's yacht Pilar Rossi started off in life as a relatively modest 39 m motor yacht built in Italy.

But with input from his uncle, Brazilian naval architect Mauricio Piquet, Nelson Piquet decided to add outriggers, a couple of masts, and an extra 25 metres, and turn her into a sailing super yacht !!

She's already sailed from Brazil to Sardinia, and is now back in St Barths.

Bart Roberts

Bart RobertsBart Roberts

Yacht name: Bart Roberts
Formerly: Narwhal
Length: 265 ft • 80.7 m
Year: 1963
Builder: Canadian Vickers
Conversion: Lennart Edström

Photo: Pam Massey • Dubai • December 2006

Pam took these nice photos of Bart Roberts, the pirate-themed ex Canadian coastguard ice-breaker, in Dubai.

Arctic P

Arctic P

Yacht name: Arctic P
Length: 287 ft 5 • 87.6 m
Year: 1969
Builder: Schichau Unterweser

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • 21 September 2007

The converted tug Arctic P belonged to Australian businessman Kerry Packer, who died in 2005. According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, his son James Packer has taken delivery of Salvaje, the first Mangusta 165, also at the show, and also owns another yacht in Sydney.

Winnaretta Singer

Winnaretta Singer

Yacht name: Winnaretta Singer
Length: 65 ft 7 • 20 m
Year: 1958
Builder: Antibes

This charming yacht was a gift to the Oceanographic Museum, and used as a research vessel by Captain Cousteau. She was completely refitted in 1990 by Monte Carlo Yachting and has recently been put up for sale. The yacht is named after the eponymous sewing machine heiress and Paris socialite whose estate made the donation.


Mistral yachtMistral

Yacht name: Mistral
Length: 110 ft • 33 m
Year: 1962
Builder: Benetti

A converted tug built by Benetti in 1962.

Ariete Primo

Ariete Primo

Yacht name: Ariete Primo
Length: 147 ft 8 • 45 m
Year: 1967 - refit: 2006
Builder: Dunston
Refit: Yankee Delta • Ortona Navi

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • Summer 2007



You may recall that HNLMS Snellius, the pride of the Dutch Navy, called into Port Hercule with HMS Echo, in May this year, for the International Hydrographic Organization's annual Congress.

Well, here are some photos sent in by owner Henk de Bloeme, of the glory days of an earlier generation Snellius, also a hydrographic ship for the Dutch Navy and now looking for a new owner wishing to undertake a yacht conversion.

She was in service until 1970, then served as a hotel ship for navy personnel for a few years, and is currently lying in Holland. In her prime she ran expeditions to Surinam and Papua New Guinea, charting the last white patches on the globe.

Henk is now looking for a new owner willing to do an extensive yacht conversion. She is still in a reasonable condition, in other words, still well worth doing the restoration and conversion. The inside is spartan, with many small cabins for a total crew of 110.

Yacht name: Snellius
Length: 236 ft • 72 m
Year: 1950
Builder: P Smit Jr

Beam: 10.8 m
Depth: 3.6 m
Displacement: Approx 1200 tonnes

Engines: 2 x 1000 hp Storks. Equipped with reversible props. They are the originals from 1948, weighing 65 tonnes each, if replaced the difference will need to be ballasted. Snellius was able to do 15 mph with only 2000 hp, as she has a very streamlined hull. The whole engine room is original but not operational.

Any interested parties (serious enquiries only please!) should email me and I'll pass on their details to Henk.

Update: Sold!



Yacht name: Asteria
Length: 160 ft • 49 m
Year: 1970 - refit 2002
Builder: Anastasiades & Tsortanides (tug)
Refit: Northport Engineering & Stabbert Maritime

Photo: Axel Leipzig • May 2007

Capella C

Capella C
Capella C

Yacht name: Capella C
Length: 194 ft • 59 m
Year: 1968 (refit 1985)
Builder: Gebroeders Pot

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • July 2007

Ice Lady Patagonia

Ice Lady Patagonia

Yacht name: Ice Lady Patagonia
Length: 142 ft 5 • 43.4 m
Year: 1959 (refit 2004)
Builder: Helsingfors

Photos: monacoeye • Monaco • July 2007

This A1 class icebraker was converted in 2001. She has a museum on board and usually cruises the Antarctic regions.

Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger yacht

Yacht name: Lone Ranger
Length: 255 ft • 77.7 m
Year: 1973
Conversion: 1994
Builder: Schichau Unterweser

Photo: Monacoeye • Villefranche • June 2007
Photo: Bob Paylor • St Barths • January 2007

Peter Lewis' converted tug Lone Ranger. In the last couple of years she has traveled to Antarctica, Tahiti and Australia…

Bulldog W

Bulldog W

Yacht name: Bulldog W
Formerly: Alter Ego • Louise
Length: 110 ft • 33.5 m
Year: 1990
Builder: Veb J Warnke

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 23 May 2007



Yacht name: Turama
Formerly: Columbus Caravelle - cruise ship
Length: 381 ft • 116 m
Year: 1990
Conversion: 2004
Builder: Rauma & Sete Yachts

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • May 2006

Blue Dawn

Blue Dawn
Blue Dawn

Yacht name: Blue Dawn
Length: 203 ft • 62 m
Year: 1959
Builder: JJ Sietas



Bayou yacht

Yacht name: Bayou
Formerly: Artemis • Grand Pond
Year: 1980s • oil field supply boat
Conversion: 1989
Builder: Breaux Brothers

Photo: Robert Paylor • St Barths • March 2007

Bleu de Nîmes

Bleu de Nimes

Yacht name: Bleu de Nîmes
Formerly: Lodestone
Length: 184 ft • 56 m
Year: 1980
Refit: 2006 - PentaNed
Builder: Clelands

Photo: monacoeye • Genoa • 30 January 2007

The conversion Bleu de Nîmes, seen in picturesque Genoa (Genova) a couple of days ago, beside Skat. Genoa is a couple of hours' drive into Italy from Monaco.

Dolce Far Niente

Dolce Far Niente

Yacht name: Dolce Far Niente
Formerly tug: Clyde • Smit Salvor • Matsas Salvor & then yacht: Seawolfe
Length: 191 ft • 58 m
Year: 1957
Refit: 2002
Builder: Smit

Photo: Robert Paylor • St Barths • January 2007



Yacht name: Latitude
Length: 170 ft • 51.8 m
Year: 1973 • Refit: 2003
Builder: Maschinenfabrik

Photo: Bob Paylor • St Barths • January 2007

Amazon Express

Amazon ExpressAmazon Express

Yacht name: Amazon Express
Length: 221 ft • 67 m
Year: 1966
Refit: 1984
Builder: Arsenale Veneziana
Owner: Johnny Pigozzi • Photographer
Photo date: 24 May 2006, Cannes Film Festival

29 December 2006, top photo: Nice new shots of Amazon Express in St Barths, by Bob Paylor



Yacht name: Lamu
Formerly: Strilos • Rongos • Ben Lui
Length: 167 ft • 51 m
Year: 1953
Refit: 2004
Builder: Lewis

Photo: 26 November 2006 • Antibes • monacoeye



Yacht name: Solea
Length: 119 ft • 36 m
Year: 1974
Refit: 2005
Builder: Sieghold

Location: St Tropez
Photo date: October 2006

Solea seemed unpeturbed by the strong winds lashing St Tropez during Les Voiles in October.

Lady D

Lady D

Yacht name: Lady D
Formerly: Quest • Tortuga • Salem • Lady J
Length: 185 ft • 56 m
Year: 1976
Refit: Stabbert Maritime
Builder: Quality

Photo: November 2006 • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico • Spencer VanCrey

Guest photographer Spencer VanCrey sent in this crisp shot of Lady J recently spotted in the balmy waters of Puerto Vallarta.

Maria II

Maria II

Yacht name: Maria II
Formerly: Heitee • Lady Kimberly I • EE Prince
Year: 1966 • Refit: 2001 & 5
Builder: Port Weller
Villefranche • 24 June 2006

Giant I


Yacht name: Giant I
Length: 247 ft • 75 m
Refit: 2004
Builder: IHC Holland (refit Amels etc)