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Force India

Mangusta 165 Salvaje
Copyright: NT/monacoeye • Monaco, May 10, Sep 07 • Do not copy without permission

Yacht name: Force India (below)
Formerly: Salvaje (above) • Mangusta 165 #1
Length: 165 ft • 50 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Mangusta - Overmarine
Engines: 3 x 3650 hp MTUs
Top speed: 40 knots

Vijay Mallya’s Force India, is the new name of for this Mangusta 165, prominent at the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix. She was moored beside the mothership, Indian Empress, on the T-jetty.

Force India - Mangusta 165

Ocean Emerald

Ocean Emerald
Ocean Emerald
Ocean Emerald cruising off Monaco

Yacht name: Ocean Emerald • YachtPlus 1
Length: 135 ft • 41 m
Year: 2009
Builder: Rodriquez • YachtPlus
Design: Norman Foster

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • September 2008 (model) & 2009

September 2009: Ocean Emerald looked superb up close as she entered Port Hercule today. A design classic !

July 2009: Our first views of Lord Norman Foster's Ocean Emerald cruising, when it visited Monaco last week. She seemed to move at a fair lick and looked very streamlined and stable in the water.

YachtPlus 1


Burgess organises and open day for Nero in Monaco
Nero yacht off Cap Ferrat
Nero yacht

Yacht name: Nero
Length: 295 ft • 90 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Corsair Yachts • Yantai Raffles
Architect: IMT Marine
Design: Neil Taylor

Photos: monacoeye • Beaulieu • August 2008

Nero is now on sale for €75 mil - Burgess had an open day at the weekend.

The elegant Nero was launched in 2007 in Yantai, China. She shares some similarities with JP Morgan's famous Corsair IV, the largest US-built yacht (wrecked in 1949), in her length and general layout. A superbly executed retro design !


Andrey Melnichenko's new yacht A in Palma de Mallorca
Andrei Melnichenko's yacht

Yacht name: A
Formerly: Project Sigma • SF99
Length: 390 ft • 119 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Blohm & Voss • HDW • # 970
Architect: Martin Francis
Design: Philippe Starck

Photo Thomas • Valletta Grand Harbour, Malta • October 2008
Photo monacoeye • Beaulieu • September 2008
Photo Gerhard Merz • Palma de Mallorca • July 2008
Photo Andreu • Palma de Mallorca • July 2008
Photo Klaus Gaeth • near Kiel • 11 March 2008
Photo Armin Tank • Kiel • 10 March 2008
Photo Jörg Brekeller • Kiel • 20 February 2008
Photo Boschuda • Kiel • Dec 2007 - Jan 2008

Oct 2008: A nice shot of A in Malta from Thomas and an earlier one from when she visited Monaco. July 2008: A has arrived in Palma de Mallorca, more excellent Nokia N95 shots ! June 2008: The Final name of the yacht formerly known as Sigma and SF99 is the unGoogleable "A". A's owner is Andrei Melnichenko, (see comments below, January 2008)

First Sea Trials: Excellent photos from Klaus Gaeth in Kiel of SF99's first sea trials. And if you're wondering what makes Philippe Starck tick, here he is on the big design questions - life, the universe, and toilet brushes ….

March 2008: New photos from Boschuda ! Another veil is lifted from SF99 as the plastic protective covering is peeled from the windows on the lower deck and the scaffolding is removed from around the funnels, masts and Sea-Tel domes. The anchor enclosure also seems to have a new cover. Hydraulic hatches can be seen at the back. The name SF99 is clearly written on the stern - visible in Armin's shot from yesterday evening - possibly a temporary name…

February 2008: More new photos, taken by Armin, showing off the razor sharp bowGreat new photos of Project Sigma - taken by Jörg - of the extraordinary new Philippe Starck designed megayacht from ThyssenKrupp, conceived in 2003.

Once again, Philippe Starck has made a radical departure, literally turning yacht design on its head, with a superstructure reminiscent of an upturned keel. He has also borrowed heavily from modern warship lines. Like it or loathe it, this will most certainly be the yacht of 2008.

Robert Frank of the Wall Street Journal has already dubbed this the ugliest yacht in the world ! Although many of his readers appear to disagree…

Pantsbloke's (!) comment below that the owner is Andrei Melnichenko has now been confirmed.

At 118 m, Sigma is the world's 9th largest yacht - 3rd largest if you don't count state-owned yachts and charter cruisers. Though she will drop a place when the yet unseen Project May from Peterswerft is launched later this year.

Design plans on Philippe Starck website here (under vehicles).


Guilty yacht
Guilty Faliro marina

Yacht name: Guilty
Length: 114 ft • 35 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Rizzardi
Exterior art: Jeff Koons
Design: Ivana Porfiri
Owner: Dakis Joannou

Photos, as always, exclusive to monacoeye !!

Photos: A • Rhodes • 1 July 2008
Photo: Aeolos • Faliro marina • 13 July 2008

The guest list for the christening of recently launched Guilty reads like a Who's Who of the contemporary art world. Nicholas Serota of the Tate, Jeffrey Deitch, Larry Gagosian, Marian Goodman, Maurizio Cattelan, Ashley Bickerton … the list goes on, and on.

Of course, Sarah Morris' text painting "Guilty" hangs on the wall of one bedroom - bought after the yacht was named. Owner and major art collector Dakis Joannou simply had to have it!

The exterior design was created by international art star Jeff Koons, famous for his basketball in perspex case, three-storey high "Puppy" made of flowers, and the "Made in Heaven" erotic series of photographs with Italian ex-wife and porn-star-member-of-parliament La Cicciolina.

Although the blown up print and poster colours will be familiar to art fans from Roy Liechtenstein's signature Ben-Day Dots style, Jeff Koons actually based this design on the Dazzle Painting, or Razzle Dazzle as the Americans called it, WW1 camouflage pattern invented by British marine artist and naval officer Norman Wilkinson - see comments below for more on this extraordinary style.

Ivana Porfiri created the unusual angular architecture. Guilty is likely to appear in next month's Italian Vogue.

Please leave your verdict in the comments below … !


Predator yacht
Predator in Spain
Predator seen from the air
Feadship Predator

Yacht name: Predator
Length: 236 ft • 72 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Feadship • De Vries • # 674
Architect: De Voogt
Design: Bannenberg
Engines: 4 x MTU 16V 595 TE90 diesel • 23,172 hp

Photo: monacoeye • Eze • July 2008
Photo: Andreu • Palma de Mallorca • July 2008
Photo: AW • June 2008 • Antibes
Photos: Arjan Schleeper • Amsterdam • 29 February 2008

July 2008: The Predator approaches Monaco …
June 2008: Predator has arrived on the Côte d'Azur - seen here from the air behind Amevi and Eos.

March 2008: Predator is in Amsterdam, captured here in this great set of photos by Arjan, against an overcast Coenhaven backdrop. As you can see the grey Awlgrip wrapping in the launch video below has now been removed - I think that's a trace of it still visible on the bow…

Jan 2008: The second reverse bow megayacht in as many weeks… The Feadship Predator was launched 5 Jan 2008 at Aalsmeer in the Netherlands.



Norship Moonraker yacht

Yacht name: Moonraker
Length: 116 ft • 35 m
Year: 1992
Builder: Norship • Ulstein Eikefjord
Engines: 2 x 2982 hp MTUs & 1 Textron Lycoming TF-40 Gas Turbine (4056 hp)
Top speed: 67 knots

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • July 2007

Moonraker, the fastest superyacht in the world when launched in 1992 …

Blue Ice

Baglietto Blue Ice yacht

Yacht name: Blue Ice
Length: 134 ft • 41 m
Year: 1999
Builder: Baglietto • # 10169
Top speed: 28 knots
Engines: 2 x 2700 hp

Photo: monacoeye • Beaulieu • June 2008

A design classic from Baglietto …

Riva Ariston

Riva Ariston
Riva Ariston

Yacht name: Riva Ariston + Super
Length: 20 ft • 6.25 m - 6.96 m
Model years: 1950 - 1976
Builder: Riva

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week 2007

Just over 1000 Aristons were built by Riva up to 1976.

Riva Junior

Riva Junior
Riva Junior tender
Riva Junior tender to Mitseaah

Yacht name: Riva Junior
Tender to Mitseaah
Model year: 1966 - 1972
Length: 19 ft • 5.7 m
Builder: Riva

Photo: monacoeye • 2007 Monaco Yacht Show

626 Riva Junior's were built in the late sixties and early seventies. This rather nice specimen is a tender to the sailing yacht Mitseaah. Riva will be launching its latest 92 ft model, the Duchessa, later in 2008.

118 Wallypower

Wallypower 118
Wallypower 118
Wallypower 118
118 Wallypower

Yacht name: 118 Wallypower
Length: 118 ft • 36 m
Year: 2002
Builder: Wally
Architect: Wally & Intermarine Italy
Design: Wally & Lazzarini Pickering
Speed: 70 knots
Engines: 3 x DDC TF50 gas turbines + 2 370hp diesels
Power: 3 x 5,600 hp

Photos: monacoeye • Monaco • 13 June 2008
Photo: monacoeye • 2005 Monaco Yacht Show

The June 2008 Jubilee issue of Boat International heralds Wally Yachts founder Luca Bassani as one of the 25 great names of the yachting world and the 118 Wallypower as one of the 25 most notable yachts.

The range of the gas turbines running at 60 knots is about 400 miles. The diesels are used for cruising at 10 knots and have a range of 1800 miles.

Trivia fans should know that this instant design classic appeared in the 2005 Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson sci-fi movie Island as "the Renovatio".

Wallypower 118
Wallypower 118


Armani yacht Main

Yacht name: Maìn
Length: 213 ft • 65 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Codecasa • # C115

Photos: Marco Nava • 2 June 2008 • Viareggio

5 June 2008: Marco just sent in these photos of Armani's new yacht Maìn, outside the Codecasa Tre yard in Viareggio. I think the diagonal struts - which have not been universally appreciated by yachtspotters ! - work well with the venetian blinds to create a smart business-like exterior. Or does it look like a chic patrol boat? What do you think?

April 2008: Jos emailed us to report that Giorgio Armani has recently been delivered his new 65m Codecasa, called Maìn - "Maria" in the Piacentino dialect - named after his mother. Although hard to discern on the photos of the launch published a few days ago in Il Tirreno, the hull colour is a dark battle green. Armani, himself, designed the interior, in a light minimalist style with dark accents.

Giorgio Armani's former yacht Mariù, also named after his mother, has now been sold. As he is a frequent visitor to Monaco, we can hope that Mr Armani will have planned the short hop up the coast from Viareggio in the coming days to show off his new yacht ….



Yacht name: Samar
Project name: Lana
Length: 252 ft 8 • 77 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Devonport Yachts

Photo: Monaco • November 2007 • monacoeye
Photo: Stockholm • July 2006 • Anders Linden

Still waiting for a sign of Devonport Project 54, due for delivery in 2007, a burgundy-hulled, 82 m Andrew Winch design which looks like it could be a replacement for Sarafsa. Boat International have a feature on Samar in their November 2007 issue.


Tribu yacht

Yacht name: Tribù
Length: 167 ft • 50 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Mondomarine • C21/1
Design: Luca Dini
Interior: Studio Lissoni Associati

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • 23 September 2007

Mondomarine stepped over the 50m barrier at this year's MYS. Tribu was commissioned for Luciano Benetton. It is the first yacht to receive a Green Star for environmental efficiency.

Ellix Too

Ellix Too
Ellix Too

Yacht name: Ellix Too • ISA 470.2
Length: 156 ft • 47 m
Year: 2004
Builder: ISA

Sisterships: ISA 470.7 • Axioma • Kolaha • Lady Dahlia • Ocean Victory • Ellix Too • April Fool II


Ice Lurssen

Yacht name: Ice - Formerly: Project Rainbow • Air
Length: 295 ft • 90 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Lürssen • # 13628
Architect: Lürssen & Tim Heywood
Engines: 8 x 1129 diesel electric • 2 ABB Azipods

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 20 July 2006 & 25 August 2007 • new photos

Suleiman Kerimov's Ice, bought from Ernesto Bertarelli, if the stub article on Wikipedia is to be trusted (!), visited Monaco a couple of days ago. Mr Kerimov is reported to be making steady progress from the serious burns he suffered when he crashed his Ferrari Enzo into a tree on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice last November.



Yacht name: Antalis
Length: 157 ft • 48 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Baglietto • # 10193
Design: Giugiaro • Della Role

Photo: monacoeye • Villefranche • 4 August 2007

Antalis, the new Baglietto, to be presented at the 2007 Monaco Yacht Show, seen here in Villefranche at the weekend - thanks to Chris for the ID.

Sunseeker 37m • The Snapper

Sunseeker 37 The SnapperSunseeker 37 The Snapper
Sunseeker 37 The Snapper

Yacht name: The Snapper
Model: Sunseeker 37m
Length: 121 ft • 37 m
Year: 2006
Design: Don Shead

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • July 2007
Photo: • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2007

Sunseeker call this the "jewel in the crown". The Snapper, their new 37m trideck, is their biggest yet and has a top speed of about 25 knots.



Yacht name: Ecstasea
Length: 282 ft • 86 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Feadship • #790

Photo: May 2006/7 • Monaco/Nice

Roman Abramovich's Ecstasea leaves Monaco after the Grand Prix.

Blue Princess Star

Blue Princess Star
Blue Princess Star
Blue Princess Star

Yacht name: Blue Princess Star • Ischia 115
Length: 114 ft • 34 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Baglietto • # 10192
Top Speed: 35 knots

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • September 2006 - May 2007

Wedge Too

Wedge Too
Wedge Too

Yacht name: Wedge Too
Length: 213 ft • 65 m
Year: 2002
Builder: Feadship • De Vries • #664
Design: De Voogt • Philippe Starck

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 23 May 2007
Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • September 2005

Surely a contender for the most beautiful yacht ever designed… Despite the fact that Starck's original drawings gave her a canoe stern, which did not make it into the final build. Added photos from 2005.

Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess

Yacht name: Moon Goddess
Length: 115 ft • 35 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Danish Yacht
Design: Espen Øino
Engines 2 x 3750 hp
Top speed: 45 knots

From the colour scheme you'll immediately recognise this as the tender/companion to Mexican megayacht Princess Mariana. Although the colours on the mother ship are not to everyone's liking, I think they really work on Moon Goddess. Mr Øino has designed a real jewel in this custom build from Danish Yacht, which is constructed from Kevlar, carbon fibre and epoxy, and was delivered in October 2006.

World is not Enough

World is not Enough
World is not Enough

Yacht name: World is not Enough
Length: 139 ft • 42 m
Builder: Millenium Super Yachts
Architect & Stylist: Frank Mulder
Engines: 2 x 5400 hp Paxman diesels
2 x 4000 hp Textron Lycoming TF40 gas turbines
Top speed: 68 knots
Cruise: 50 knots

Photo: monacoeye • 22 May 2007 • Monaco Grand Prix

The fastest yacht of this size in the world returns to Monaco for the Grand Prix…



Yacht name: Athena
Length: 295 ft • 90 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Royal Huisman • # 378
Design: Beeldsnijder • Dijkstra

Photo: monacoeye • Antibes • December 2005

Jim Clark, the owner of this three-masted schooner, is a keen sailor, also owns Hyperion and was a founder of Netscape and Silicon Graphics.

Athena was the world's largest private sailing yacht until the launch of Eos in 2006. Read More...

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon
Maltese Falcon

Yacht name: Maltese Falcon
Length: 285 ft • 87 m
Year: 2005/6
Builder: Perini Navi, Turkey • # 2056
Naval Architect: Gerard Dijkstra
Styling and Interior: Ken Freivokh
Owner: Tom Perkins • US venture capitalist

Photos: monacoeye • Monaco • 13 August 2006 - September

The Falcon has landed! This 3-mast dynarig is certainly the yacht of 2006 in my book. The design of the masts is visually stunning and very fast. It's by far the biggest Perini Navi ever built. The sails are tucked up within the masts. Top shot from MYS.

Sunseeker Predator 108 • Mima

Sunseeker 108 predator Shiver

Yacht name: Mima
Formerly: Shiver (pictured)
Model: Sunseeker Predator 108
Length: 108 ft • 33 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Sunseeker
Top speed: 32 knots

Photo: • Monaco Yacht Show • September 2005

Asean Lady

Asean Lady Brian Chang

Yacht name: Asean Lady
Length: 289 ft • 88 m
Beam : 70 ft • 21 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Yantai Raffles
Architect: Ian Mitchell
Interior: Annie Chang

Photos: Mats Nelson • Saigon • 14 April 2007

If you can remember the opening credits to Hawaii-5-O, then Asean Lady should look a little familiar. That's because the outrigger design - which uses a stabiliser for rough weather - is borrowed from the traditional Pacific canoe - the proa.

At 88 m however Asean Lady is one of the largest yachts in the world and her 21 m beam is similar to that of world's longest yacht Dubai. She was built for Brian Chang, CEO of Chinese shipbuilder Yantai Raffles. These great photos were taken in Saigon and sent in by Mats Nelson. Book him Danno! Read More...

Thunder B

Thunder B

Yacht name: Thunder B
Formerly: Thunder
Length: 163 ft • 50 m
Year: 1998
Builder: Oceanfast
Architect: Phil Curran
Design: Jon Bannenberg
Top speed: 40 knots
Engines: 2 x 2274 kW MTU diesels
1 x 3356 kW Textron gas turbine

Photo: monaceye • October 2005 • Monaco
New photos from NT

SS Delphine

SS Delphine
SS Delphine
SS Delphine

Yacht name: SS Delphine
Length: 258 ft • 79 m
Year: 1921 • Refit: 2003
Builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works
Naval architect: Henry J Gielow
Original owner: Horace Dodge of Dodge cars
Engines: 2 x 1500 hp Babcoq & Wilcox quadruple steam expansion engines

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 2007


Alcyone Cousteau

Yacht name: Alcyone
Length: 101 ft 8 • 31 m
Year: 1985
Designer: Captain Cousteau
Sails: 2 Turbovoiles (turbosails) • each has an elliptical cross-section of 1.35m x 2.05m

Location: Beaulieu
Photo date: 4 September 2006

This bizarre looking boat was designed by famous oceanographer Captain Cousteau, former director of the Monaco Oceanographic Museum. He invented the Turbovoile, designed to propel the boat at 10 to 13 knots.


Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

Yacht name: RC
Length: 133 ft 9 • 40.8 m
Year: 2004
Owner: Roberto Cavalli • fashion designer
Builder: Baglietto • # 10185
Top speed: 35 knots

Photo: monacoeye & Tatiana Hughes • Monaco • May 2006

Paintwork matches Roberto Cavalli's cars and helicopter.

Le Grand Bleu

le grand bleu yacht
le grand bleu
le grand bleu abramovich yacht

Yacht name: Le Grand Bleu
Length: 370 ft • 112.8 m
Year: 2000
Builder: Vulkan
Owner: Roman Abramovich

Lower photo: Mendoza • Vancouver Island • September 2005

The Sun reported that former owner Roman Abramovich gifted this explorer to business colleague Yevgeny Shvidler in 2006.



Yacht name: Enigma
Formerly: Katana • Eco
Length: 244 ft • 74 m
Year: 1991
Builder: Blohm & Voss
Owner: Aidan Barclay
Engines: 2 x 5000 hp Deutz MWM &
1 x 18500 hp gas turbine
Speed: 37 knots +



Yacht name: Ilona
Length: 242 ft • 74 m
Year: 2003
Builder: Amels • # 442
Owner: Frank Lowry
Architect: Amels and Redman Whitely Dixon

Photographer: Canary Wharf, London May 2006 Anthony Webb

Anthony Webb is the first of many guest photographers to show their work on this site. If you have a photo of a megayacht not yet featured on this site please email it to me with your details.

Creole & Avel

Creole & Avel classic yachts

Yacht name: Creole
Formerly: Vira • Magic Circle • Creole • Mistral
Length: 215 ft • 65 m
Year: 1927
Builder: Camper & Nicholson, Gosport, UK.
Naval architect: Charles Nicholson
Former owners: Stavros Niarchos then Maurizio Gucci (restoration)
Owner: Alessandra & Allegra Gucci

Yacht name: Avel
Length: 59 ft 9 • 18.25 m
Year: 1896
Restored: 1994
Builder: Camper & Nicholson
Naval architect: Charles Nicholson
Owner: Gucci family

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week • September 2005