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Yacht name: Godspeed
Formerly: Seaquest -> Freedom
Length: 130 ft • 40 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Westport • # 1512
Architect: Bill Garden
Design: Greg Marshall

The 130-foot Westport Godspeed was consumed by fire in the south of Italy earlier this month. Thanks to Martin for the link.

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Airplane: Canadair CL 415
Introduced: 1994
Builder: Canadair (now Bombardier)
Photos: monacoeye • Beaulieu • April 2009

These aerial water bombers, or simply Canadairs, as they are known locally, were practising in Beaulieu today - a sure sign that the weather is starting to heat up.

Canadair flying boats are a familiar sight during the summer along the Côte d'Azur, where mountain fires break out regularly. The heavy drone of their engines can be heard for miles.

The amphibious aircraft scoop up water from the sea while skimming over the water. It takes 12 seconds flying at 70 knots to fill up a full 6000 litre load. In the US the planes are known as Super Scoopers.

The French Sécurité Civile operates 12 of these planes as well as 2 Bombardier Dash 8s and 9 Conair Turbo Firecats (ref Wikipedia).

Canadair scooping up water

Yacht Fire - Port Vell Barcelona

Burnt shells of yachts on the quayside in Port Vell
Barcelona Port Vell Fire

Photo: Ricardo Pilguy • Port Vell, Barcelona • July 2008
Photo: Katja Juvonen • Port Vell, Barcelona • July 2008

Update July 2008: The top shot shows the burned shells of XTC and Drumfire, seen from the air, by Ricardo.

2 March 2008: This video and photo, taken in Port Vell, Barcelona, Saturday, by local resident Katja Juvonen, caught the drama of a raging fire as it tore through four 20+ metre yachts.

All four yachts sank with a fifth sailing yacht badly damaged - you can see the mast topple in the video. 6 people were on board but unharmed. Katja says the fire team seemed slow to respond, which may have allowed the fire to take hold.

The fire chief was reported in the press as saying that the job of extinguishing the fire had been complicated by the water-repellent nature of the yachts themselves - which may have been scuttled, as a last resort.

This La Vanguardia video shows a general view of the port with many yachts nearby. More links in comments.



Yacht name: Attessa
Formerly Aviva -> fire
Length: 225 ft • 69 m
Year: 1998 • Rebuild and extension: 2005
Builder: Feadship • Van Lent • #780
Rebuild: Dennis Washington • British Columbia
Architect: De Voogt
Design: Glade Johnson

Photo: monacoeye • Villefranche • 29 June 2006