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Serene yacht
Copyright: monacoeye • Sep 2011 • Monaco • Do not copy without permission.

Yacht name: Serene
Length: 440 ft • 134 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Fincantieri Yachts # 6154 • Benetti
Naval architect: Espen Øino
Exterior design: Espen Øino
Interior design: Reymond Langton

Serene attended the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show.


Copyright: monacoeye. Do not copy. Monaco, Sep 2011.

Yacht name: Palladium
Project name: Project Orca
Length: 315 ft • 96 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Blohm & Voss • # 971
Naval architect: Blohm & Voss
Design: Michael Leach

Palladium visited Monaco for the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. Most interesting exterior design, IMHO. Read More...


©: Bob Trusty / • 2011 • Barbados.

Yacht name: Katara
Formerly: Project Crystal
Length: 408 ft • 124 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Lürssen • # 13656
Exterior design: Espen Øino

The Qatari yacht formerly known as Project Crystal was launched in April 2010. Now named Katara, she has now made her first ocean crossing, visiting the Caribbean and southern Europe.

Here at monacoeye we’ve received several nice photos. Above from Bob Trusty in Barbados, (with a near identical one from Ron Pearson, perhaps from the same cruise ship?) And below, a nice one of the lights at sunset from Brian Watson. A few more to follow …

©: Brian Watson / • 2011 • Barbados.
Katara

Attessa IV

Attessa IV
©: Karl Edmark / • 2011 • Vancouver.

Yacht name: Attessa (IV)
Formerly: Evergreen
Length: 328 ft • 100 m (was 302 ft • 92 m)
Year: 1997
Builder: Evergreen Shipyard - Hayashikane, Japan
Original Architect & Design: Diana Yacht Design & Felix Buyendijk Yacht Design
Refit: Washington Yachting Group
Refit Design: Glade Johnson Design
Engines: 2 x 6598 hp Wartsillas

Many thanks to Karl Edmark for sending in this first photo of Attessa, after her rebuild by Dennis Washington, taken in Coal Harbor, Vancouver BC, in April.

Anyone have a sharper photo?

Click below to see her as she was when owned by Evergreen shipping CEO Chang Yung Fa - quite unrecognisable.


Photos copyright: NT/monacoeye Monaco • Do not copy without permission.

Yacht name: Luna
Length: 377 ft • 115 m
Year: 2009
Builder: Lloyd Werft • SBN Stahlbau Nord
Naval architect: Lloyd Werft
Exterior design: Newcruise
Interior design: Donald Starkey

Luna’s night lighting.



All photos on this page copyrighted: monacoeye • Monaco • Do not copy without permission

Yacht name: Radiant
Project name: Darius
Length: 361 ft • 110 m
Year: 2009
Builder: Lürssen • # 13646
Design: Tim Heywood
Interior: Glenn Pushelberg

Radiant, a nice looking gigayacht in the Pelorus mould from Lurssen, but with grey hull, was launched in April 2009. Read More...


Eclipse yacht
Photos copyright: KG/HLW/NH/monacoeye • Hamburg 2009-2010 • Do not copy without permission

Name: Eclipse
Length: 533 - 557 ft • 162 - 170 m ?
Year: 2009
Builder: Blohm & Voss • # 978
Design: Terence Disdale
Volume: 13000 GT?
Owner: Roman Abramovich

Exclusive Photos: Klaus Gaeth • Hamburg • June 2009 - July 2010
Exclusive Photos: HLW • Hamburg • September 2009
Exclusive Photos: Niels Hartmann • Hamburg • 20 June 2009

10 July 2010: Eclipse looks like she may be complete, from these latest photos of her leaving the port of Hamburg, sent in by Klaus a couple of days ago. Her tender has been fitted, angled funnels also fitted, and the mast section has been painted dark grey.

Notice she uses the same lifeboat-tender as Luna.

17 April 2010: A new excellent set of photos from Klaus taken yesterday in Hamburg (larger photos). Eclipse has reappeared with owner Roman Abramovich on board (you might just be able to make him out, grinning in this photo) and left Hamburg. Eclipse is reportedly due to arrive in Kristiansand in Norway any time now, for further sea trials.

The Times reported in November 2009 that Mr Abramovich was frustrated at Eclipse unlikely to be ready for the world cup in South Africa in two months’ time.

There are appears to be quite a lot of finishing work still to do on the boat, judging by the taped handrails and open lighting panels.

Eclipse eclipses Eclipse !

In the last two photos you will see another ship named Eclipse, behind the yacht Eclipse. That’s the new 122,000-tonne, 1040-foot cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse which has also just been launched and is due to set off on her maiden voyage!

September 2009: Great new photos from Klaus and HLW, showing Eclipse heading off on sea-trials. The name plate is now fitted, the hull is now white, funnels and sat masts have been fitted, work is progressing to the doors etc.

22 June 2009: In these superb new photos from Niels Hartmann, the scaffolding is back on Eclipse and much finishing work still needs to be done. It will be several months before delivery, with early 2010 touted as a likely hand-over date.

The bulbous bow currently doubles up as a duck slide for a sizeable group of mallards.

13 June 2009: Eclipse, the world's largest yacht, was launched yesterday 12 June 2009!

Here is an excellent set of photos from Klaus. She's out of the shed in Hamburg and looks … big.

Greenline Yacht Interiors, who fitted out "A" and are working on 141m MY Swift, are currently working on the interior for Eclipse.

At a reported 13,000 GT she is more than twice the volume of Sigma, but a little smaller in volume than Al Said. The project cost for Eclipse is reportedly about €340 million.

Larger photos here. To purchase a photo for publication please contact



Octopus yacht garage
Octopus with helicopter on bow
Octopus stern detail
Octopus funnel detail

Yacht name: Octopus
Length: 414 ft • 126 m
Year: 2003
Builder: Lürssen • # 13622
Architect: Espen Øino

Photo: monacoeye • Cote d'Azur • Summer 2006 & 2009
Photo: Bob Paylor • St Barths 2008 & 2009

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's enormous yacht Octopus couldn't be missed this summer in Beaulieu and earlier in the year in St Barths.

The helicopter lands easily on either end of the 126 m yacht. Octopus also travels with a bright yellow submarine.

Octopus Paul Allen


Dilbar arrives in Monaco
Lurssen Opal
Opal yacht

Yacht name: Dilbar
Formerly: Project Opal
Length 361 ft • 110 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Lürssen • # 13648
Exterior: Time Heywood
Interior: Alberto Pinto

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • August 2009
Photo: Werner Fähland • Heligoland • 17 July 2008
Photo: GG • Bremen • 1 July 2008

August 2009: Nice to see Dilbar close up off the Larvotto in Monaco last week. Al Mirqab was right beside her.

May 2009: NT also got a great shot at the Grand Prix in May.

26 July 2008: D is for Dilbar

18 July 2008: Very nice new photos of Opal from Werner on sea trials in Helgoland in the North Sea, and from GG in Bremen.

June 2008: Lurssen has launched the massive new build Project Opal. Looks a bit like Pelorus …

Al Said

Al Said, Muscat
Al Said in Palermo
Al Said yacht

Yacht name: Al Said
Length: 508 ft • 155 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Lürssen • # 13644
Design: Espen Øino

Photo: NP • Muscat • December 2008
Photo: The Storm • Palermo • August 2008
Photo: GG • Bremen • September 2007

2009: Some good new photos from NP showing Al Said in her home setting in Muscat, Oman.

Al Said, ex Project Sunflower, is the massive new build from Lürssen, launched in 2007, for Sultan Sayyed Qabus bin Said as Said of Oman, a.k.a. Sultan Qaboos bin Said. At 155 m in length she comes straight in at number two in the list of the world's largest yachts.


Dubai from Platinum Yachts
Dubai yacht
Dubai - the largest yacht in the world
Dubai yacht Sheikh Maktoum
Dubai Platinum Project

Yacht name: Dubai
Project name: Project Platinum • Golden Star
Length: 531 ft • 162 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Platinum Yachts - Hull: Blohm & Voss
Stylist: Andrew Winch
Engines: 4 x 9625 hp
Owner: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum • Crown Prince of Dubai

1. Angela Culveyhouse • Jebel Ali • Dubai • March 2007
2. KT • Port Rashid • Dubai • 6 January 2008
Stelios Dritsas • Jebel Ali • Dubai • October 2006
4. 5.
David Nichols • Jebel Ali • Dubai • March 2006
(+ top photo courtesy of Platinum Yachts)

Two new views of Sheikh Mo's yacht Dubai, still the largest yacht in the world. 1 & 2.

Angela has sent in a very nice set of Dubai aerial shots, taken over Jebel Ali, in a helicopter leaving the Burj Al-Arab. Great photos !

A 40m catamaran under construction is visible behind, with a 114m yacht in the shed, and another smaller vessel behind that.

KT reports that an artificial island, where the yacht will be moored, has been built 20 miles from Dubai and is nearing completion.

Dubai was delivered to its owners in 2006.


Andrey Melnichenko's new yacht A in Palma de Mallorca
Andrei Melnichenko's yacht

Yacht name: A
Formerly: Project Sigma • SF99
Length: 390 ft • 119 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Blohm & Voss • HDW • # 970
Architect: Martin Francis
Design: Philippe Starck

Photo Thomas • Valletta Grand Harbour, Malta • October 2008
Photo monacoeye • Beaulieu • September 2008
Photo Gerhard Merz • Palma de Mallorca • July 2008
Photo Andreu • Palma de Mallorca • July 2008
Photo Klaus Gaeth • near Kiel • 11 March 2008
Photo Armin Tank • Kiel • 10 March 2008
Photo Jörg Brekeller • Kiel • 20 February 2008
Photo Boschuda • Kiel • Dec 2007 - Jan 2008

Oct 2008: A nice shot of A in Malta from Thomas and an earlier one from when she visited Monaco. July 2008: A has arrived in Palma de Mallorca, more excellent Nokia N95 shots ! June 2008: The Final name of the yacht formerly known as Sigma and SF99 is the unGoogleable "A". A's owner is Andrei Melnichenko, (see comments below, January 2008)

First Sea Trials: Excellent photos from Klaus Gaeth in Kiel of SF99's first sea trials. And if you're wondering what makes Philippe Starck tick, here he is on the big design questions - life, the universe, and toilet brushes ….

March 2008: New photos from Boschuda ! Another veil is lifted from SF99 as the plastic protective covering is peeled from the windows on the lower deck and the scaffolding is removed from around the funnels, masts and Sea-Tel domes. The anchor enclosure also seems to have a new cover. Hydraulic hatches can be seen at the back. The name SF99 is clearly written on the stern - visible in Armin's shot from yesterday evening - possibly a temporary name…

February 2008: More new photos, taken by Armin, showing off the razor sharp bowGreat new photos of Project Sigma - taken by Jörg - of the extraordinary new Philippe Starck designed megayacht from ThyssenKrupp, conceived in 2003.

Once again, Philippe Starck has made a radical departure, literally turning yacht design on its head, with a superstructure reminiscent of an upturned keel. He has also borrowed heavily from modern warship lines. Like it or loathe it, this will most certainly be the yacht of 2008.

Robert Frank of the Wall Street Journal has already dubbed this the ugliest yacht in the world ! Although many of his readers appear to disagree…

Pantsbloke's (!) comment below that the owner is Andrei Melnichenko has now been confirmed.

At 118 m, Sigma is the world's 9th largest yacht - 3rd largest if you don't count state-owned yachts and charter cruisers. Though she will drop a place when the yet unseen Project May from Peterswerft is launched later this year.

Design plans on Philippe Starck website here (under vehicles).

Al Mirqab

Al Mirqab in Monaco at night
Al Mirqab arrives in Monte Carlo
Al Mirqab Norway
Al Mirqab sea trials
Al Mirqab yacht

Yacht name: Al Mirqab
Length: 436 ft • 133 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Peters Schiffbau • # 681
Architect: Kusch Yachts
Stylist: Tim Heywood
Interior: Andrew Winch

Photo monacoeye • Monaco • 18 August 2008
Photo Mark Wotherspoon • Kristiansand, Norway • 18 July 2008
Photos Jannick Bruhns • Wewelsfleth • April - June 2008
Photo Werner Fähland • Heligoland • May 2008

18 August 2008: Al Mirqab pulls in to Port Hercule… Here's a high res photo

20 July 2008: Another super shot of Al Mirqab, this time in Kristiansand in Norway, sent in by Mark. We are very impressed by the Nokia N95 5 megapixel image quality!

16 June 2008: Nice new photo of Al Mirqab from Werner in the Heligoland.

27 April 2008: nice new photos of Al Mirqab from PB.

The new Al Mirqab, formerly known as Project May, was launched at the Wewelsfleth yard in April. It's one of the largest yachts ever built. Seems to borrow much of the exterior styling from Carinthia VII.

Al Mirqab Helgoland

Prince Abdulaziz

Prince Abdulaziz from a great height
Prince Abdulaziz night photo
Prince Abdulaziz yacht
Prince Abdul Aziz
Prince Abdulaziz

Yacht name: Prince Abdulaziz
Length: 482 ft • 147 m
Year: 1984
Builder: Helsingor Vaerft
Architect: Maierform

Photo monacoeye • Monaco & Cannes • August 2007 & July 2008
Photo NT • Monaco • 17 July 2008
Photo Henry Bonanno • Marsamscetto Harbour - Malta • 28 July 2007

Saudi royal yacht, Prince Abdulaziz has dropped from second to third place in the Top 100 list by length, since this entry was last updated, with the launch of Al Said.

NT took some superb photos as Prince Abdulaziz pulled in to Port Hercule


Pelorus yacht

Yacht name: Pelorus
Length: 377 ft • 115 m
Year: 2003
Builder: Lürssen
Design: Tim Heywood

Photo: monacoeye • July 2008 • Beaulieu
Photo: monacoeye • 11 September 2006 • Nice

Sep: 2006: Coming into Port Infernet Sep 2006.

Owner: Roman Abramovich • see Le Grand BleuEcstaseaSussurro • Chelsea FC

July 2008: Pelorus with Le Grand Bleu and Queen K in St Jean today. Link to follow.


Name: M147
Length: 482 ft • 147 m
Builder: Blohm & Voss
Design: Atabeyki
The design plan for this concept is often confused with Eclipse, and used as an illustration. As far as I can see, they are completely separate projects.
Status: According to some reports M147 is under construction …

Here's a good article by Diane Byrne on M147
And more details on Atabeyki's site.

Al Salamah

Al Salamah

Yacht name: Al Salamah
Length: 456 ft • 139 m
Year: 1999
Builder: Lürssen # 13590 • HDW
Design: Terence Disdale

Photo: Thilo Klink • Lürssen Werft • Bremen Vegesack Lemwerder • 2001

Finally a shot of the Saudi royal gigayacht Al Salamah - thanks to Thilo !

These photos were taken on a visit to the Lürssen Werft yard in Bremen Vegesack, back in 2001, in the pioneering days of digital cameras - I had a bit of fun with a Hockney style composite with the low res originals.

Al Salamah was back at MWB Bremen, in Bremerhaven, in 2007 - did anyone happen to record the visit ?

Thilo also has a question which had me stumped - I'll post it in the comments.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun megayacht
© Stockholm • Anders Linden / Do not copy.

Yacht name: Rising Sun
Length: 454 ft • 138 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Lürssen • # 13623
Stylist: Jon Bannenberg
Owner: Larry Ellison • David Geffen
Speed: 28 knots

An elegant view of Larry Ellison's Rising Sun in Stockholm, taken by Anders Linden. Read More...

Lady Moura

Lady Moura

Yacht name: Lady Moura
Length: 344 ft • 106 m
Year: 1990
Owner: Nasser al-Rashid
Builder: Blohm & Voss
Photo date: 6 May 2006

A few more photos of Lady Moura from 2006 …

Le Grand Bleu

le grand bleu yacht
le grand bleu
le grand bleu abramovich yacht

Yacht name: Le Grand Bleu
Length: 370 ft • 112.8 m
Year: 2000
Builder: Vulkan
Owner: Roman Abramovich

Lower photo: Mendoza • Vancouver Island • September 2005

The Sun reported that former owner Roman Abramovich gifted this explorer to business colleague Yevgeny Shvidler in 2006.