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Monaco Classic Week 2005


Ranger J Class yacht

Yacht name: Ranger • J5
Length: 136 ft • 42 m
Year: 2003
Builder: Danish Yacht
Architect: Fred Elliot
Design: Glade Johnson
Original design: Sparkman & Stephens

Photo: Robert Paylor • 25 - 30 March 2008 • St Barths Bucket
Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week 2005

This replica J-class yacht was built on the lines of the original 1937 Ranger. Interestingly there were seven original plans drawn for Ranger, three by Starling Burgess and three by Olin Stephens, with an additional set by Tore Holm recently discovered. This leaves the door open for future alternative Ranger replicas to be built…

There were originally ten J-class yachts built in the 1930s - 4 in the UK and 6 in the US - all of which, with the exception of Velsheda, competed in the America's Cup. Shamrock V, Velsheda, Endeavour and Endeavour II in the UK. Enterprise, Whirlwind, Weetamoe, Yankee, Rainbow and Ranger in the US. Only Shamrock V, Velsheda and Endeavour survived.

Cambria, Astra and Candida joined the J-class later, from the 23 m rule. They were recently joined by the replica Ranger, as the J-class has started to enjoy something of a renaissance. Endeavour II is being built by Dykstra and Royal Huisman and a replica Rainbow is in the works.

Ranger sails with Trinity motoryacht Vita.



Yacht name: Sumurun
Length: 94 ft • 28.7 m
Year: 1914
Builder: William Fife & Sons, Fairlie, Scotland
Original owner: Lord Sackville of Kent
Owner: A. Robert Towbin

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week • September 2005


Mariella yacht

Yacht name: Mariella
Length: 80 ft
Year: 1938
Builder: William Fife & Sons, Fairlie
Design: Alfred Milne

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week • September 2005

Black Swan

Black Swan

Yacht name: Black Swan
Length: 108 ft • 32.9 m (40.5 m)
Year: 1899
Builder: Camper & Nicholson

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week • September 2005

Creole & Avel

Creole & Avel classic yachts

Yacht name: Creole
Formerly: Vira • Magic Circle • Creole • Mistral
Length: 215 ft • 65 m
Year: 1927
Builder: Camper & Nicholson, Gosport, UK.
Naval architect: Charles Nicholson
Former owners: Stavros Niarchos then Maurizio Gucci (restoration)
Owner: Alessandra & Allegra Gucci

Yacht name: Avel
Length: 59 ft 9 • 18.25 m
Year: 1896
Restored: 1994
Builder: Camper & Nicholson
Naval architect: Charles Nicholson
Owner: Gucci family

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Classic Week • September 2005

Asphodele II

Asphodele II

Yacht name: Asphodele II
Length: 30 ft


Eleonora yacht

Yacht name: Eleonora -> Eleonora E
Length: 161 ft • 49 m
Year: 2000
Builder: Van de Graaf
Design: Nathanael Herreshoff

Eleonora was modeled on the 1909 Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff schooner Westward

Shamrock V

Shamrock V yacht

Yacht name: Shamrock V • J K3
Formerly Shamrock V -> Quadrifoglio
Length: 120 ft • 36 m
Year: 1930 • Refit: 1980 • 2001
Builder: Camper & Nicholson
Refit: Gerard Dijkstra

Three days away from the 7th Monaco Classic Week 2005, three famous, and rare, J class racing yachts have already arrived.

Here is Shamrock V, the oldest of the J class sloops, built in 1930 for Sir Thomas Lipton's last America's Cup. Designed by Nicholson and built by Camper and Nicholson, she is also the only remaining J class to have been built in wood.

Shamrock V was owned by two famous aviators Sir Sopwith and Sir Richard Fairey, then passed into Italian hands. Mario Crespi installed the bird's eye maple interior and in 1962 Piero Scanu had her fully rebuilt at Camper and Nicholson's.

Since then she was well kept, in Newport, Rhode Island, and refitted in 1989 by Elizabeth Meyer. Now back in the UK she has just completed another refit at the Pendennis Shipyard in Falmouth.