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Steve Irwin

Sea Shepherd - Steve Irwin
Copyright: NT/monacoeye • Monaco, July 2010 • Do not copy without permission

Name: Steve Irwin
Formerly: MY Robert Hunter
Length: 174 ft • 53 m
Owner: Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd Organisation’s anti-whaling ship Steve Irwin was welcomed to Monaco harbour last week, as it took a break from its work releasing illegal undersized blue-fin tuna catches in the southern Mediterranean. Read More...

Planet Solar

Planet Solar - the worlds largest solar-powered vessel
Photos copyright: KG/monacoeye. Do not copy without permission. Images: Kiel, March 2010.

Yacht name: Planet Solar
Length: 102 ft • 31 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Knierim Yacht Club, Kiel
Solar banks: 536 m2
Autonomy: Infinite …

An exclusive set of photos detailing yesterday’s launch of the world’s largest solar-powered ship, Planet Solar, from monacoeye special correspondent in Kiel, Klaus Gaeth.

This Kiel-built 31-metre catamaran, which is only powered by light, will soon be embarking on a round-the-world-trip at an estimated average speed of 7.5 knots (14 km/h) and a very impressive top speed of 14 knots (25 km/h), drawing on the 127 hp produced by its 536 square metres of photovoltaic cells.

But what if it’s cloudy? The ship only consumes 27 hp so there should be a fair amount of power to spare, with some large batteries on board presumably to store all that solar goodness.

Three or four crew members will skipper this boat, which can accommodate a total of 40 passengers.

Planet Solar - the worlds largest solar-powered vessel
Planet Solar - the worlds largest solar-powered vessel
Planet Solar - the worlds largest solar-powered vessel
Planet Solar - the worlds largest solar-powered vessel


Airplane: Canadair CL 415
Introduced: 1994
Builder: Canadair (now Bombardier)
Photos: monacoeye • Beaulieu • April 2009

These aerial water bombers, or simply Canadairs, as they are known locally, were practising in Beaulieu today - a sure sign that the weather is starting to heat up.

Canadair flying boats are a familiar sight during the summer along the Côte d'Azur, where mountain fires break out regularly. The heavy drone of their engines can be heard for miles.

The amphibious aircraft scoop up water from the sea while skimming over the water. It takes 12 seconds flying at 70 knots to fill up a full 6000 litre load. In the US the planes are known as Super Scoopers.

The French Sécurité Civile operates 12 of these planes as well as 2 Bombardier Dash 8s and 9 Conair Turbo Firecats (ref Wikipedia).

Canadair scooping up water

Super Servant 4

Super Servant 4
Celestial Hope

Name: Super Servant 4
Length: 556 ft • 169 m
Speed: 14 knots
Operator: Dockwise Yacht Transport
Photo: FB • Mallorca • April 2009

The yachts are back! Here's DYT's mighty yacht carrier Super Servant 4, recently arrived in Mallorca from Port Everglades, with its 120 million dollar cargo, which is returning to the Med for cruising and charter bookings at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

DYT carriers "sink" to manoeuvre yachts on and off - this float on float off system alleviates the need for lifting equipment and reduces strains on hulls. Getting ready to float off we can see Celestial Hope, Il Cigno and Monaco, then Celestial Hope in the water … Thanks to FB for the nice photos !

Slightly smaller at 139 metres, but also semi-submersible, Super Servant 3 recently left Port Everglades, Florida, for Toulon, France, via the Caribbean. It unloaded 18 yachts and loaded 1 in St. Thomas, then moved on to Martinique where it loaded 18 more yachts, totaling 32 power and sailing yachts for a final cargo value of $140 million.

Japan Coast Guard

Japan Coast Guard

Photo: NT • Monaco • July 2008

This Japan Coast Guard arrived a few days ago – an unusual visitor to Monaco.

Konnichiwa PL21 !

Fulk al Salamah

Fulk al Salamah

Yacht name: Fulk al Salamah
Length: 447 ft • 136 m
Year: 1987
Builder: Bremer Vulkan (now Lürssen)
Gross Tonnage: approx 10,000 GT
Owner: Sultan Sayyed Qabus bin Said as Said of Oman (Sultan Qaboos bin Said)

Photo: Pam Massey • Muscat • December 2006

Fulk al Salamah is an amphibious transport and logistics ship, assigned to Al Said and the Omani Royal Yacht Squadron

Yacht Transport

An ad for Dockwise Yacht Transport demonstrating a float-on float-off yacht transporter - the easy way to get yachts from one side of the world to another.



Aeroplane name: Akoya
Builder: Lisa Airplanes

This ultralight aeroplane can land on the ground, water or snow.



Name: Polarsyssel • Research vessel
Length: 164 ft 8 • 50.2 m

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show • 19-22 September 2007

New York Water Taxi

Water Taxi New York

Photo: Olivier • New York • August 2007