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Yacht name: Oberon
Length: 168 ft • 51 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Damen
Engines: 4 x 12V 4000 M60 MTUs
Top Speed: 28 knots

Oberon is the first purpose built yacht support vessel in a powerful new “Sea Axe” line, built by Damen and marketed by Amels.

Oberon will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, September 2010. Read More...

Mystere Shadow

Mystere Shadow
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Yacht name: Mystere Shadow
Formerly: Sabine Seahorse
Length: 163 ft • 50 m
Year: 1981
Builder: Candies Shipbuilders • Houma
Architect: Candies, Kirilloff and Associates
Conversion: Shadow Marine

Although the name was not fully visible behind all the toys, this looks like Mystere Shadow with a smart new paint job, including custom design on the garage door. Read More...

Red Sapphire Shadow

Amevi Surprise

Name: Amevi Surprise -> Red Sapphire Shadow
Length: 186 ft • 57 m
Year: 1981
Builder: Halter Marine

A companion ship for Amevi.

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2007

2009: Renamed to Red Sapphire Shadow

Save Our Seas

peaceful fish shadow boat

Name: Peaceful Fish -> Save Our Seas
Formerly: Paladin Shadow
Length: 170 ft • 52 m
Year: 1980 - Refit: 2006
Builder: Candies

Photo: Bob Paylor • St Barths • Dec 2007

Renamed to Save Our Seas in 2009.

Golden Shadow

Golden Shadow yacht

Yacht name: Golden Shadow
Length: 219 ft • 67 m
Year: 1995
Builder: Campbell Shipyard
Design: Francis Design

Golden Shadow, support yacht for Golden Odyssey

Dubai Shadow

Ship name: Dubai Shadow
Formerly: Umitaka Maru -> Australis Mentor
Length: 259 ft • 79 m
Year: 1973
Builder: Mitsubishi

Allure Shadow

Yacht name: Allure Shadow
Length: 222 ft
Conversion: Shadow Marine
Architect: Lay, Pitman & Associates

Al Shoua

Al Shoua

Yacht name: Al Shoua
Formerly: Interceptor -> Paladin Shadow II
Length: 186 ft • 57 m
Year: 1980
Builder: Rockport Yacht and Supply - RYSCO
Conversion: Shadow Marine
Design & Architect: Lay, Pitman & Associates

Photo: monacoeye • Antibes • August 2008

Al Shoua is the supply ship to Al Mirqab, or perhaps Constellation …

Fulk al Salamah

Fulk al Salamah

Yacht name: Fulk al Salamah
Length: 447 ft • 136 m
Year: 1987
Builder: Bremer Vulkan (now Lürssen)
Gross Tonnage: approx 10,000 GT
Owner: Sultan Sayyed Qabus bin Said as Said of Oman (Sultan Qaboos bin Said)

Photo: Pam Massey • Muscat • December 2006

Fulk al Salamah is an amphibious transport and logistics ship, assigned to Al Said and the Omani Royal Yacht Squadron