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Christina O

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Yacht name: Christina O
Length: 325 ft • 99 m
Builder: Canadian Vickers
Year: 1943 (as Stormont, Canadian frigate)
Rebuild as Christina O: 1954
Owner: John Paul Papanicolaou, 1998 refit

A new photo of Christina O … O for Onassis. Read More...

Talitha G

Talitha G
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Yacht name: Talitha G
Length: 247 ft • 75 m
Year: 1929 • Refit: 1994
Builder: Krupp
Naval architect: Cox & Stevens
Design refit: Jon Bannenberg

Talitha G … G for Getty.


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Yacht name: Nahlin
Formerly: Nahlin -> Luceafarul -> Libertatea
Length: 300 ft • 91 m
Year: 1930
Builder: John Brown
Architect: GL Watson
Restoration: Blohm & Voss

James Dyson’s beautifully restored 1930’s yacht, Nahlin, was spotted on the River Dart in Devon this summer and last week was cruising in the warm waters of the Croatian Adriatic.

Nahlin started life commissioned by Lady Yule, built by John Brown in Clydeside, and was later chartered by Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson in 1936 for a cruise to the Adriatic and Istanbul.

There, she caught the eye of King Carol II of Romania, who went to buy her, renaming her Luceafurul. After the outbreak of war, she languished in Romania, and was finally converted into a restaurant.

She was bought by Edmiston and William Collier, who had her fully restored in the UK and Germany, with the help of the plans from the original design house GL Watson. 450 tons of asbestos were removed and the steam engines, I understand, were replaced with diesel electric engines.

Nahlin is now reportedly owned by the vacuum cleaner designer, James Dyson. Larger photos to follow…



Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor yacht Kalizma in Phuket

Yacht name: Kalizma
Formerly: Minona -> Cortynia -> Odysseia
Length: 165 ft • 50 m (including bowsprit ?)
Year: 1906 • Rebuilt: 2006, with extra deck.
Builder: Ramage & Ferguson
Architect: GL Watson
Interior 2007: Dellatecnica

Photo: NT • Phuket • August 2009

Kalizma is the yacht that Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor and renamed after their three children Kate, Liza and Marie.

Following her refit and extra top deck, she has recently cruised in South East Asia, from Phuket to Hong Kong via Sarawak and Sabah.

Now there's a cruise that captures the imagination! The Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo still has an incredibly rich variety of bird life, and is a top destination for nature lovers from around the world…

Here's a shot of how she looked pre-refit in 1969


Burgess organises and open day for Nero in Monaco
Nero yacht off Cap Ferrat
Nero yacht

Yacht name: Nero
Length: 295 ft • 90 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Corsair Yachts • Yantai Raffles
Architect: IMT Marine
Design: Neil Taylor

Photos: monacoeye • Beaulieu • August 2008

Nero is now on sale for €75 mil - Burgess had an open day at the weekend.

The elegant Nero was launched in 2007 in Yantai, China. She shares some similarities with JP Morgan's famous Corsair IV, the largest US-built yacht (wrecked in 1949), in her length and general layout. A superbly executed retro design !

Blue Bird

Blue Bird classic yacht

Yacht name: Blue Bird
Formerly: Blue Bird IV -> Sterope -> Janick
Length: 104 ft • 32 m
Year: 1938
Builder: Goole
Rebuild: Astilleros de Mallorca • 2007
Architect: GL Watson
Interior: Bannenberg

Photo: NT • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2009

Blue Bird has a long and interesting history. She was originally commissioned as an ocean-going yacht for Sir Malcolm Campbell's treasure hunting ambitions. But World War II put an end to those plans and she was requisitioned and took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.

After the war she passed into the French car manufacturer Jean-Louis Renault's hands and was renamed Sterope. More recently, she was completely rebuilt to give her her original profile and a comfortable modern interior.

Fair Lady

Fair Lady yacht

Yacht name: Fair Lady
Length: 121 ft • 37 m
Year: 1928
Builder: Camper & Nicholsons

Photo: NT • Monaco • June 2008

This classic Camper & Nicholsons built motor yacht was spotted by NT the other day flying the White Ensign. This ensign, I understand, is usually flown at the stern during daylight hours and at the main mast while under way, by Royal Navy ships, ships of the Royal Yacht Squadron or those accompanying Queen Elisabeth II.


Dannebrog Queen Margrethe II
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Yacht name: Dannebrog
Length: 248 ft • 76 m
Year: 1931 • Refit: 1980
Builder: Denmark Royal Dockyard

Photos Niels Hartmann • Copenhagen • 25 April 2008
Photo Dainis Kivlenieks • Copenhagen • 4 August 2000

Niels has sent in a nice set of photos of Queen Margrethe boarding Dannebrog, the Danish royal yacht, in Copenhagen.

Dannebrog usually heads off every summer for a cruise, sometimes with the Norwegian royal yacht Norge. In 2006, she visited Greece and Malta. Along with her 58 crew, she can carry 27 royals and 14 guests.

R/S Eden

RS Eden

Yacht name: R/S Eden
Formerly: Fulmara • Paget • Niki I • Luisa II • Carmac III • Leonore • Janidore
Length: 167 ft 3 • 51 m
Year: 1930
Builder: Defoe Boat
Architect: John H Wells
Refit: Rainsford Saunders Design

Janidore was built in 1930 by Defoe in Michigan, with an original length of 142 ft. In 1966, as Niki I, she was rebuilt by Merril Stevens and lengthened with a swept stern. In 2006 she was given a completely new 1930s restyling by RSD and Axel Vervoordt in Turkey and lengthened again at the bow. The result is a far more elegant yacht which successfully evokes a bygone era.

Seagull II

Seagull II

Yacht name: Seagull II
Length: 177 ft 8 • 54.2 m
Year: 1952
Builder: Uljanik

Photo: monacoeye • Antibes • 14 May 2007

A friendly-looking large classic yacht built in former Yugoslavia.

SS Delphine

SS Delphine
SS Delphine
SS Delphine

Yacht name: SS Delphine
Length: 258 ft • 79 m
Year: 1921 • Refit: 2003
Builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works
Naval architect: Henry J Gielow
Original owner: Horace Dodge of Dodge cars
Engines: 2 x 1500 hp Babcoq & Wilcox quadruple steam expansion engines

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 2007



Yacht name: Nisor
Formerly: Clipper 40
Length: 145 ft • 44 m (LWL 40m)
Year: 1994
Builder: Universal Yacht Corp • Thailand

Hirondelle II

Hirondelle II - Prince Albert's yacht

Yacht name: Hirondelle II
Length: 269 ft • 82 m
Year: 1911
Builder: La Seyne, Toulon
Photo location: Monaco
Power: 2200 hp twin screw
Speed: 15 knots
Owner: Prince Albert I, Albert Grimaldi of Monaco (1848 - 1922)

Hirondelle II was Albert's fourth and final explorer ship which he had built in 1911. His fastest and largest ship, it was even equipped with wireless telegraph. Whenever the Prince spent time in Monaco during WWI he stayed on board the yacht in the harbour! After the war, the ship stayed in Monaco to the Prince's death in 1922.

Photo credit: By kind permission of NOAA Rice Library of the NOAA Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. Image ID: ship4641, NOAA Ship Collection. The HIRONDELLE II. Plate III, figure 13. In: "Results of the Scientific Campaigns of the Prince of Monaco." Vol. 84.

Princesse Alice II

Princesse Alice II - Prince Albert's yacht

Yacht name: Princesse Alice II
Builder: Laird, Birkenhead
Year: 1897
Length: 207 ft • 63 m
Photo location: Monaco
Owner: Prince Albert I of Monaco

Princesse Alice II was Prince Albert's third ship, which he sailed to the Arctic on scientific expeditions.

Photo credit: By kind permission of NOAA Rice Library of the NOAA Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. Image ID: ship4639, NOAA Ship Collection. The Princess Alice II. Plate III, figure 10. In: "Results of the Scientific Campaigns of the Prince of Monaco." Vol. 84.


Norge yachtNorge King Harald Queen SonjaKing Harald Queen Sonja Prince Haakon Princess Victoria

Yacht name: Norge
Formerly: Philante
Length: 263 ft 2 • 80.2 m
Year: 1937
Builder: Camper & Nicholsons

Location: Stockholm
Photo date: Summer 2005

Photographer: Anders Linden

This right royal smorgasbord was captured by Anders Linden on the occasion of the Norwegian royal state visit to Sweden. Nowegian King Harald, Queen Sonja and Prince Haakon came on the royal yacht Norge to commemorate 100 years of independence from Sweden and were greeted by Swedish Princess Victoria.



Yacht name: Savarona
Length: 408 ft • 124 m
Year: 1931
Builder: Blohm & Voss
Architect: Cox & Stevens
Owner: Kahraman Sadikoglu

Photo: 16 August 2006 • 25 May 2006 • Monaco • monacoeye

Haida G

Haida G

Yacht name: Haida G
Formerly: Rosenkavalier
Length: 233 ft • 71 m
Built: 1929
Refit: 2005
Builder: Krupp Germania Werft