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J Craft Torpedo

J Craft Torpedo - Neptune
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Model name: J Craft Torpedo
Length: 41 ft • 13 m
Model year: 2009
Builder: J Craft
Architect: Södergren Yacht Design

Neptune, a Swedish-built J Craft Torpedo tender added a bit of colour to the Monaco Yacht Show.

This sky-blue Torpedo is called Neptune. It can reach speeds of 44 knots with its two Volvo Penta engines. At that speed it has a range of about 350 nautical miles.

Although reminiscent of wooden Rivas from the 1960s, with leather upholstery and inlaid wooden panelling, J Craft hulls are built from modern materials; vinylester and fibre glass with a PVC core.

J Craft were pleased to announce that they received an order for a new Torpedo, on the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show, and it will be delivered to the owner early 2011.

Pictured below, the dashboard of the white-hulled, Baccarat, the new top of the range Torpedo R line. The Torpedo R can reach speeds of 50 knots, with its Volvo IPS 600 system, and comes with matching luggage!

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J Craft Torpedo R - Baccarat
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