Drizzle feadship 669

Yacht name: Drizzle
Formerly: Twizzle
Length: 182 ft • 55 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Feadship • De Vries • # 669
Design: De Voogt • Redman Whitely Dixon

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 31 May 2008

Fo' shizzle, it's Drizzle ex Twizzle …


Yacht name: Smile • Benetti Vision # 7
Length: 144 ft • 44 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Benetti • BV07
Design: Stefano Righini

Photo needed. Pls send to monacoyachts@gmail.com

Birgitta • PJ 120 #1

Yacht name: Birgitta
Formerly: Cover Drive
Length: 120 ft • 37 m
Year: 2003
Builder: Palmer Johnson • PJ 120 #1 • PJ227

Photo needed ! Pls send to monacoyachts@gmail.com


Lewis Hamilton wins Monaco GP

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton F1 McLaren 2008 Monaco
Monaco Grand Prix spectators rain
Porsche Supercup Monaco 2008

Photo: Tatiana Hughes • Monaco Amber Fashion Show • 23 May 2008
Photos: monacoeye • Monaco Grand Prix • 25 May 2008

Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix delivered a famous victory for Lewis Hamilton, in an action-packed race. All drivers had difficulty controlling their cars in the wet conditions, but Lewis Hamilton managed to make up lost ground, after hitting a barrier early in the race, and went on to win the event and move into first place in the drivers' championship.

The weather was too poor for photos - you can get an idea from the pictures above of the Porsche Supercup, and the spectators on the hill above the Rascasse, taken a couple of hours before the Formula One Grand Prix.

Amber Fashion Show

Prince Albert
Elizabeth Hurley
David Coulthard

Photos: Tatiana Hughes • Monaco Amber Fashion Show • 23 May 2008

Fashion photographer Tatiana Hughes has sent in this superb set of photos from the star-studded Amber Fashion exclusive fashion show and party last night, held at the Amber Lounge in Monaco.

This benefit for the Elton John Aids Foundation, was hosted by David Furnish and featured fashion lines by Elizabeth Hurley, Petra Ecclestone, and couturier Isabell Kristensen, with jewellery by Chopard and shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, David Coulthard and Kimi Raikkonen were among those modelling the menswear, while Prince Albert, Liz Hurley, Naomi Campbell, Bernie Ecclestone, Vijay Mallya, Flavio Briatore, Lakshmi Mittal and many other top personalities from Formula One looked on.

Vijay Mallya donated one week's use of his yacht Indian Empress, including fuel and catering, to the charity auction. Although he suggested one million euros would be a fair price (€800,000 is the charter price), it was eventually bid up to €300,000 - what a bargain !

Monaco Grand Prix 2008

Indian Empress Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari Monaco GP
Lewis Hamilton Monaco
Lewis Hamilton Monaco GP
Ferrari pits
Grand Prix spectators
Monaco Grand Prix 2008 Red Bull
Monaco Grand Prix 2008 Renault
Monaco Grand Prix 2008 Toyota
Monaco Grand Prix 2008 McLaren
Monaco Grand Prix 2008 Ferrari
Monaco Grand Prix 2008 Indian Empress

On Friday, Alfa Nero pulled in next to Indian Empress to form an Oceanco triumverate with Amevi on the T jetty. We went for a spin round the track just after the racing finished at lunch time…

Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton battled it out for fastest lap in the Grand Prix F1 practice sessions on Thursday. But Felipe Massa secured pole on Saturday.

These committed Irish fans have been there since last Sunday (!) to stake out their patch on the hill overlooking the Rascasse corner - the only free spot in Monaco. They explained their trick is for one guy to sleep there with a sleeping bag and the rest to rotate during the day. Apparently there is a "gentleman's agreement" not to nab other fans' places. They come armed with shovels and pickaxes - really ! - to flatten out the ground, and then set up a somewhat elaborate rope webbing around their patch to deter encroachers. They've been coming for four years so have it all nicely worked out. At €600 ($1000) a ticket in the stands, it sounds like they're onto a good thing. They reckoned they'll be supporting Lewis on the big day…

The ever-popular Red Bull hospitality centre was floated in on Monday morning. In previous years Red Bull have cross-marketed with Superman and Star Wars, but unfortunately no tie-in with Indiana Jones this year.

Toyota engineers checking the wheels.

The paddocks seem bigger than ever this year - no wonder the traffic has been a nightmare for the last few weeks - as all this paraphenalia has to be brought in by truck.

The big race follows on Sunday. Boats are still busy shuttling to and from Cannes but many, like Indian Empress, have taken up their race positions already.

Photos: monacoeye • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2008

Cannnes Film Festival 2008

Cannes Film Festival 2008
Cannes Film Festival 2008 yachts
Cannes Film Festival 2008 Police
Cannes Film Festival 2008 Alysia

The Cannes Film Festival is now in full swing. As the week progresses yachts will zip up the coast to Monaco in time for the Grand Prix on Sunday. This nice set of photos, taken by Alexia on Sunday, show a busy waterfront and some of the behind-the-scenes action.

The shot that really captures the moment is #3: Linda Evangelista leaving the artists' entrance and getting into a courtesy car, while in the top corner of the picture, police are greeting each other, in typical Gallic fashion, still proudly clutching their Indiana Jones hats, distributed earlier at the Crystal Skull Premiere ! (thx Albert for star ID)

The top blue hulled yacht with the red funnel is the recent conversion Harmony II. Roberto Cavalli's RC is in the same shot to the right beside the lighthouse…

Photos: AW • Cannes Film Festival • 18 May 2008

Indian Empress

Indian Empress Mirabella V
Kingfisher Force India
Indian Empress Grand Prix
Indian Empress Vijay Mallya

Yacht name: Indian Empress
Formerly: Al Mirqab
Length: 312 ft • 95 m
Year: 2000
Builder: Oceanco
Naval architect: Richard Hein • The A Group
Owner: Vijay Mallya • Kingfisher Airlines • United Beverages

Photos: monacoeye • 6 September 2006 and May 2008 • Monaco
Photo: NT • Monaco • May 2008

May 2008: This year, Vijay Mallya has a major stake in the Grand Prix, as a partner in Force India, the team that bought out Spyker in 2007. This former Jordan stable should now have the necessary capital to recover some of its lost glory.

Indian Empress is currently in the middle of the T jetty, rubbing shoulders with Lakshmi Mittal's Amevi, which arrived today.

Sep 2006: This Oceanco giant pulled in this evening renamed as Indian Empress. The new owner is Vijay Mallya, the Indian beer billionaire and owner of Kingfisher Airlines. He is also a keen yachtsman and has racing car interests…

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink Sunseeker

Yacht name: Tickled Pink
Length: 121 ft • 37 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Sunseeker • 37 #3

Tickled Pink is the third in the 37 metre Sunseeker line.


Rahal yacht

Yacht name: Rahal
Length: 152 ft • 46 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Feadship • Van Lent • #789
Design: Terence Disdale

Photo: monacoeye

Rahal turns up for the Grand Prix …

Blue Attraction

Blue Attraction

Yacht name: Blue Attraction
Formerly: Lady Duvera
Length: 120 ft • 36 m
Year: 1983
Builder: Amels • # 382
Design: Diana Yacht Design

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • May 2008


Larisa yacht

Yacht name: Romanza -> Larisa • Benetti Vision # 6
Length: 145 ft • 44 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Benetti • BV06

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2008

Lady Beatrice

Lady Beatrice yacht
Lady Beatrice
Lady Beatrice

Yacht name: Lady Beatrice
Length: 197 ft - 60 m
Year: 1993
Builder: Feadship - Royal Van Lent • #770
Naval architect: De Voogt Naval Architects

Photo: monacoeye • 22 May 2006 • July 2007 • May 2008 • Monaco

Lady Beatrice leaves Port Hercule …

Princess V68

Princess V68
Princess V68

Yacht name: Princess V68

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2008

Hush • PJ 120 #5

Hush yacht PJ120

Yacht name: Hush
Length: 120 ft • 36 m
Year: 2005
Builder: Palmer Johnson • PJ120 #5
Stylist: Nuvolari & Lenard

Photo: NT • Monaco Grand Prix • May 2008

White Rose of Drachs

White Rose of Drachs yacht
White Rose of Drachs

Yacht name: White Rose of Drachs
Length: 213 ft • 65 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Kusch Yachts
Naval architect: Lasse & Pache
Owner: Michael Evans • Evans Property Group UK

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • May 2008

White Rose of Drachs has moved the few hundred metres from Cap dAil to take up a position for the race …


Yacht name: Limoncello
Formerly: Jangada -> Ebba
Length: 115 ft • 35 m
Year: 1984
Builder: Benetti • FB 43

Photo: monacoeye • Villefranche • May 2008

Libra Star

Benetti Vision Libra Star
Libra Star

Yacht name: Libra Star • Benetti Vision # 10
Length: 143 ft • 44 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Benetti • BV10

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 17 May 2008
Photo: NT • Monaco • 17 May 2008

Launched in March 2008, Libra Star is the 10th Benetti Vision, seen here entering its home port for the first time…


Amels Paris
Amels Paris

Yacht name: Paris
Length: 184 ft • 56 m
Year: 1991
Builder: Amels • # 425
Architect: Jack Hargrave

Photos: NT • Monaco • 16 May 2008


Lionheart yacht

Yacht name: Lionheart
Length: 206 ft • 63 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Benetti • FB 233
Design: Stefano Natucci
Owner: Philip Green, UK retail mogul

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • May 2008
Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 29 May 2006

May 2006: New photos of Philip Green's brand new Lionheart after her first excursion…


Diane yacht

Yacht name: Diane
Length: 141 ft • 43 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Benetti • FB 236
Design: Stefano Natucci • François Zuretti

Photos: monacoeye • Livorno • March 2008
Photo: NT • Monaco • May 2008

Monaco May 2008

Port Hercule May 2008
Port Hercule Monaco
Port hercule
Port Hercule April 2008
Port Hercule

Port Hercule is filling up. Notice that the Loews-Fairmont side of the new Port Extension is all open to pedestrians now, with limited car access. In the last month visitors have included Let it Be, Amnesia, Silver. 4H and Nina J can be seen in the second shot above.


Couach 3700 Kadimo's

Yacht name: Kadimo's • 3700 Fly #1
Length: 121 ft • 37 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Couach Yachts
Cruising speed: 25 knots

Photo: NT • Monaco • May 2008

Force Blue

Flavio Briatore yacht
Force Blue
Force Blue

Yacht name: Force Blue
Formerly: Big Roi
Length: 206 ft • 63 m
Launch: 2002
Builder: Royal Denship
Architect: Tom Fexas

Photos: monacoeye • Monaco • May 2008
Photo: monacoeye • Beaulieu • 14 June 2006

May 2008: Force Blue back in Monaco for the F1. Alonso back again with Renault. No sign of the penguins yet…
May 2006: Flavio Briatore's Force Blue in nearby Beaulieu yesterday - Renault driver Fernando Alonso won the Monaco Grand Prix


Feadship Inevitable
Inevitable yacht
Inevitable feadship

Yacht name: Inevitable
Formerly: Mi Gaea • Blue Moon
Length: 168 ft • 51 m
Year: 1990
Builder: Feadship • De Vries • #641
Architect: De Voogt

Photo: NT • Monaco • 16 May 2008
Photo: monacoeye • 28 August 2006 • Monaco

May 2008: Inevitable arrived sporting a blue hull in Monaco yesterday…

March 2008, Big Papa wrote: Just re-launched from DeVries Maakum after year + long re-build. New paint scheme - dark blue hull as with former Inevitable 40m PJ. Beautiful Patrick Knowles Interior done in teak with a traditional yacht feel. Enhanced interior volume, new machinery, updated technology, etc..

It's Inevitable! Lengthened from 158 ft 3 • 48.2 m.

Lauren L

Lauren L
Lauren L yacht
Lauren L refit

Yacht name: Lauren L
Formerly: MV Constellation <- Corinthian <- Sun Bay II
Length: 296 ft • 90 m (formerly 88.5 m)
Year: 2002 • Refit: 2004 • Rebuild: 2007
Builder: Cassens Werft • # 30235
Rebuild design: Nikos Dafnias • Alpha Designs
Passengers: 40 • Crew: 36

Photos monacoeye • Monaco • 16 May 2008
Photos monacoeye • Monaco • 2007

16 May 2008: Tonight Lauren L arrived in Monaco from a charter show in Genoa, having just completed a major face lift courtesy of new owners Liveras Yachts.

500 m2 have been added to guest space - an increase of over 50%, with 5 new 30 m2 cabins. A couple of tenders on the new boat deck, including a nice limo tender from Cantiere Motonautica Serenella. New superstructure on deck 6 with gym. Helideck on the bow. 2 metres in length added. New colour scheme: grey and white. Paint faired to yacht standards.


Devonport Project 54

Yacht name: Sarafsa
Length: 269 ft • 82 m
Year: 2008
Builder: Devonport Yachts • # 54
Design: Andrew Winch

Photo Peter Powell • Polperro, Cornwall • 8 May 2008
Photo Tom Walker • Plymouth Sound • 4 May 2008
Photo monacoeye • Monaco Yacht Show 2006

8 May Update: Peter has sent in some very nice photos (top) of Sarafsa's sea trials, further along the coast off Looe & Polperro…
5 May Update: Tom has just sent in this rare glimpse of Sarafsa on sea trials in Plymouth Sound on Sunday!

Project 54 has been launched with the name Sarafsa. The old Amels Sarafsa has been sold and renamed Faribana V.

Video below from Mike:

From previous comments, Sarafsa is owned by Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud, of Saudi Arabia, and named after his only daughter Sara Fahed Sultan Al Saud (Sara F S A).

Fincantieri • Hull 6154

Yacht name: Fincantieri Hull 6154
Length: 440 ft • 134 m
Year: 2010
Builder: Fincantieri Yachts • Benetti
Design: Espen Øino

Work started in 2007 on Hull # 6154, which is scheduled for delivery in 2010. Billed as the most technically advanced and most elegant megayacht being built to date, and designed by Espen Øino, with seven decks and a length of 134 m, Hull 6154 will be one of the largest yachts ever built. It is being built for a Russian client "apparently", but not Roman Abramovich, in the Muggiano yard, in La Spezia.

Fincantieri are more known for building military vessels - recently they launched the 244m Cavour Aircraft Carrier, for the Italian Navy - so this foray into the yacht market is a major step for them. While Fincantieri will be responsible for the major structural work, it is expected that Benetti will use their expertise in the finishing.

More info needed … !

Project Morpheus

Yacht name: Project Morpheus
Length: 377 ft • 115 m
Year: future
Builder: Fincantieri Yachts • # 378
Design: Tim Heywood

As Max points out, Project Morpheus, from Fincantieri's new yacht division, created in collaboration with Benetti, bears a striking similarity to 115m Al Mirqab. It was announced as a project in 2006 - does anyone have any more information ? Yacht Forums have some pics.

Other announced projects include the 70m Prospect (Laurent Giles), 85m Wave (Stefano Natucci), 74m Goldmine (with Fraser Yachts), and the 102m Marco Polo (Camillo Costantini).

Images needed please Fincantieri … send to monacoyachts@gmail.com


Dannebrog Queen Margrethe II
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Yacht name: Dannebrog
Length: 248 ft • 76 m
Year: 1931 • Refit: 1980
Builder: Denmark Royal Dockyard

Photos Niels Hartmann • Copenhagen • 25 April 2008
Photo Dainis Kivlenieks • Copenhagen • 4 August 2000

Niels has sent in a nice set of photos of Queen Margrethe boarding Dannebrog, the Danish royal yacht, in Copenhagen.

Dannebrog usually heads off every summer for a cruise, sometimes with the Norwegian royal yacht Norge. In 2006, she visited Greece and Malta. Along with her 58 crew, she can carry 27 royals and 14 guests.



Yacht name: Montkaj
Length: 256 ft • 78 m
Year: 1995
Builder: Amels • # 429
Design: Terence Disdale

Photo monacoeye • 1 May 2008 • Antibes
Photo monacoeye • May 2007 • Monaco

Nice top shot of Montkaj taken this morning in Antibes, with snow-capped Alps behind…

Triple Seven • 777

Nobiskrug Triple Seven
Nobiskkrug 777
Triple Seven

Yacht name: Triple Seven • 777
Length: 218 ft • 66 m
Year: 2006
Builder: Nobiskrug • #777
Design: Newcruise Design

Photo: monacoeye • Monaco • 1 May 2008
Photo: Paulo Farinha • Madeira • April 2007

Thanks to Allan for sighting 777, a couple of days ago in St Jean.

Riva 75 Venere

Riva 75 Venere

Yacht model: Riva 75 Venere
Length: 75 ft • 23 m
Model year: 2005

Photo: monacoeye


Fathom yacht

Yacht name: Fathom
Length: 148 ft • 45 m
Year: 2007
Builder: Orucoglu Yachts

Photo: NT • Monaco • May 2008

Thanks to Heston for ID …

MMGI Navirex Dream 23

Dream 23 yacht

Yacht model: Dream 23
Length: 75 ft • 23 m
Builder: MMGI • Navirex


CBI Navi Bendycta

Yacht name: Bendycta
Length: 105 ft • 32 m
Year: 2001
Builder: CBI Navi
Stylist: Luca Dini

Azimut 103S

Azimut 103S

Yacht name: Azimut 103S
Length: 103 ft
Builder: Azimut

IYCA • Antibes

IYCA Antibes

Great aerial shot of the IYCA taken last week by AW. Where is Kingdom 5KR ?

Photo: AW • IYCA • April 2008
Photo: monacoeye • IYCA • 2007