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Send your photo to It will be reviewed and may be posted - no promises! Time is in very short supply here at monacoeye so only the best and most interesting photos get used !

Priority will always be given to beautiful, high resolution pictures of new, rare and large yachts which monacoeye does not have photos of yet.
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Currently (September 2010), we are particularly interested in photos of Katara • Attessa IV (2010 refit) • Project Orca • Phoenix 2 • Vibrant Curiosity • Pacific • Titan (2010) • Pegaso • Silver Zwei • Pestifer (2009) • Lady Lau • Dubai • Al Salamah • Al Said • Yaakun • Ang Pangulo • El Horriya • Shahnaz etc.

The quality of photos is always increasing on monacoeye. So we are particularly interested in beautiful, high resolution photos !

Terms and Conditions

By sending a photo to, it will be understood that you are making it available for sale (licensing) to magazines etc, as well as publication on the monacoeye site.

I need this prior consent because photo editors typically ask for photos one or two days before publication and there is simply not enough time to contact photographers for their consent.

If the photo is sold, monacoeye will charge a commission. A tip: editors are typically only interested in beautiful, sharp, high resolution photos of the largest, newest yachts.

In all cases, photographers always hold and retain full copyright for their photos.

10 tips to take top photos

If you know a lot about photography, skip this section. But if you want some hints about taking good photos, read on. This is not gospel but here are my top 10 tips in order of importance:

# 1. Light. Make sure the subject is sunlit. Yes, that often means walking round to the sunny side! Don't take photos at dusk unless you have an extremely good camera (in which case you won't be reading this). Photos are captured light !

# 2. Resolution. Always use your camera at its highest resolution. Check your camera's settings. The bigger the file size, the better. Never, ever, use digital zoom. Be careful how your computer treats your photos. Don't let an email or photo management program reduce the file size!

# 3. Subject. Get the whole subject in. An uninterrupted view of the whole yacht usually guarantees a decent photo.

# 4. Selection. Take lots of near identical photos. It's digital so it's free! Delete the duplicates along with the blurred, badly-framed and dark ones on your computer.

# 5. Viewpoint. Get a good angle. The front is usually better than the back. For yachts, quayside shots taken next to the stern are the least interesting. Higher up is often better.

# 6. Framing. Unless you’re going for something quirky, the horizon should be horizontal. Use Picasa in Windows or iPhoto in Apple to fix this easily - they're both free.

# 7. Sharpness. Sharpness is critical. Get as close as possible, while respecting rule no. 3. Don't shake. Take lots of photos in case you do. More megapixels is better.

# 8. Action. A moving yacht - towards you preferably - is more interesting than a moored one.

# 9. Background. Think of the background. Clean blue water is a good surround. Picturesque, colourful settings are a bonus.

# 10. Format. For the web, horizontal format is best !

Last updated September 2010.