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Kingdom 5KR

Yacht name: Kingdom 5KR
Formerly: Nabila, Trump Princess
Length: 281 ft - 85.65 m
Launch: 1980
Builder: Benetti
Naval architect: Jon Bannenberg
Engines: 2 x 3000 hp Nohab Polars
Owner: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, nephew of Saudi Arabia’s late King Fahd
Also owns: large holdings in the Four Seasons, Walt Disney, Citigroup.
"Kingdom" is company name, "5" is lucky number, "KR" are his children's initials.
Former owners: Adnan Kashoggi then Donald Trump before bankruptcy
Featured in James Bond film, Never Say Never Again

Photo: monacoeye • Antibes • October 2005